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Una carta per a l'Antonio

Sarah Bernheim
Spain 2009 27 min.

Una carta per a l'AntonioSarah has heard the story of Antonio since she was a child. His grandmother Rosa often told her how were the months they lived in Belgium with that unknown 11 years-old child, who became the younger brother of the family for a while. A Letter to Antonio is a personal search of Sarah through written records and her grandmother’s memories, who has never been able to forget the little boy who arrived to the Belgian lands at the end of the Civil War. Antonio returned to Spain at the outbreak of World War II in Europe and they never heard from him, although Rosa tried to keep in contact through letters.

Production: Joan Gonzàlez, Joan Gallifa
Screenplay: Sarah Bernheim
Photography: Raul Cuevas
Editing: Guilles Thomat
Sound: Gerard Tàrrega, Frank Duchêne
Production Company: Parallel 40 for TVC
Distributor: Parallel 40


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06-02-2010 20:15 Cinemes Casablanca Kaplan
Q&A with director. Double bill Ícaro + Una carta per a l'Antonio
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