DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival


Neus Ballús
Spain 2009 25 min.

ImmersióImmersió explores the fascinating life of the aquatic creatures who frequently submerge themselves in the warm waters of a local swimming pool. People of all ages and conditions do what they can to accustom themselves to a medium that is not, at first, their own. The film, shot entirely below water, is a literal immersion into the medium in which life originated. A descent into the emotional depths of the individual.

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Production: Pau Subirós
Screenplay: Neus Ballús
Photography: Daniel Belza
Editing: Neus Ballús
Sound: Pau Subirós
Production Company: El Kinògraf SL
Distributor: El Kinògraf SL

Gijón International Film Festival (2009)
Zinebi Bilbao International Documentary and Short Film Festival (2009)


Date Time Venue Language tickets
06-02-2010 16:30 Cinemes Verdi Park
Q&A with director. Double bill Immersió + Con Sandra
VOS Eng *

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(**) Free Admission

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