DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival


Pep Martín Closas
Spain 2009 29 min.

ÍcaroIcaro is the story of Cesar Julian, a man who is terminally ill with cancer. One day, on his mobile phone, he receives a text message full of poetry and affection from an unidentified caller. This message will be the first of many others that will keep him company throughout the entire month of August. The messages will give him an energy that he thought he had lost, and they will restore in him his will to live, or at least, his desire to relive his past, as he attempts to find out who it is that is sending them. Through these messages and the comments of the people who were at his side him during these last moments of his life, this documentary explores the different stages in the end-of-life process and the care that Cesar received from the palliative care team that looked after him.

Production: Anna Batlle, Ester Flores
Screenplay: Anna Batlle, Ester Flores
Photography: Pep Martín Closas
Editing: Pep Martín Closas
Sound: Enric Francas
Music: Marc Mas Talens
Production Company and Distributor: TALP Comunicació


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