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From Mao to Mozart: Isaac Stern in China

Muray Lerner
USA 1980 84 min.

In 1979, as China re-opened its doors to the West, virtuosos Isaac Stern received an unprecedented government invitation to tour the country. This extraordinary experience became the landmark, Oscar-winning documentary From Mao to Mozart – a beautiful expression of two differing cultures brought together by the warmth and dedication of a great musician and humanitarian. During his month-long journey, Stern conveyed the inner life of Western music, which had only recently been made available at the end of the Cultural Revolution. From individual session and school visits to public performances, often with Chinese musicians, Stern established a warm contact with his hosts, “first as musicians, then as friends”. Some of the children he had taught have become master musicians themselves on the international scene. From Mao to Mozart is a heartwarming presentation of Isaac Stern’s incredible cultural odyssey.

Production: Walter Scheuer
Photography: David Bridges, Nick Knowland
Editing: Thomas Haneke
Sound: Lee Dichter
Production Company: Harmony Films
Distributor: Docurama, NewVideo

USA Academy Awards (Oscar to Best Documentary) (1980)
Canes Film Festival (1981)


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05-02-2010 22:00 Filmoteca de Catalunya
Q&A with director
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06-02-2010 17:00 Filmoteca de Catalunya
Q&A with director
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