DOCSBARCELONA - International Documentary Film Festival


Peter Greenaway

“We are all aware that great changes are happening in the world of cinema and film - the old verities are no longer with us. The superstructures, infrastructures, audience participations, distribution patterns, audience
characteristics - as well as certainly the technologies are changing very fast . Each new technological gizmo or gimmick or toy or machine erodes the old edifice. The Old Cinema is dead.

This lecturetalk of NEW POSSIBILITIES is full of examples - multiple-screening, environmental screening, “immersion” screening, combinations of genre-manipulation, VJ-ing, presenttense- non-narrative-multi-image-cinema ventures, cinema deconstructions, cinema reconstructed deconstructions – all indicating a toe in the ocean of new possibilities that are rising up over all the horizons”.
Peter Greenaway

PETER GREENAWAY Born in Wales in 1942, Peter Greenaway has made cinema in countless diverse ways, which has also influenced his work as a curator and his exhibitions and his installations in Europe . He has made 12 feature films and some 50 short-films and documentaries, been regularly nominated for the International Film Festivals. He aims to reinvent cinema. He also has published books, written opera librettos, and collaborated with successful composers.


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