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Latitud DocsBarcelona

DocsBarcelona launches a new competitive section which includes a selection of the best documentaries made in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America. Latitude means -among other things- the full expanse of a country or territory. DocsBarcelona’s latitude gathers the full expanse of DocsBarcelona’s territory: the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America.

This section will have a specific award to be granted by the jury of DocsBarcelona. The award is sponsored by Antaviana Films and it consists in 3000€ worth of completion work (conformation, graphics, color correction and final deliveries) for the director’s next film.


Opening Today (2015)

Eriz Zapirain Spain 88min. VOSEsp
In 1990 a group of people came together to create the newspaper Egunkaria, closed down in 2003 due to its presumed connection with ETA. Their enthusiasm laid bare the pessimists who were warning about a lack of readers in the Basque language, as well as a lack of funding and of journalists writing in Euskera.

Patient (2015)

Jorge Caballero Colombia 70min. VOSEng
Patient is Nubia, a woman who incarnates the courage of all the mothers who care for, fight and protect their children’s’ lives. Despite living anguished by the loss of her daughter, she manages to navigate with admirable firmness the rambling processes of the Colombian health system.


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