About InterDocsBarcelona

Interactive and transmedia documentary at DocsBarcelona

interDocsBarcelona is an initiative which started in 2013 to encourage interactive and transmedia documentary as a section of DocsBarcelona International Festival

After the two first years of this journey hosting a conference, an exhibition, a marathon of prototypes, a meet-up and project presentations, at DocsBarcelona we believe it’s time to start creating our own culture of interactive and transmedia documentaries, a way of doings things that is distinct to Latin and European countries, with its own traits and unique point of view.

interDocsBarcelona consists of the following activities:

  • interDocsBarcelona Conference: focused on the international sphere, with talks on transmedia creation and storytelling, and significant case studies. It will also present a series of projects, experiences and initiatives.
  • Interactive Pitch: a presentation of interactive projects looking for financing
  • Popathon: intensive workshop to produce interactive documentary prototypes
  • Interactive screening: a festival screening of an interactive documentary. This year will screen “Las SinSombrero” directed by Tania Balló, Serrana Torres and Manuel Jimenez Nunez.

Sponsored by:

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About InterDocsBarcelona | Edition 2015, InterDocsBarcelona