Speed Meetings

Speed Meetings are DocsBarcelona 2015 main industry activity

A financing and distribution market for documentary industry and a meeting point for professionals from all over the world. It is the perfect place to promote and finance your project to potential financiers and film distributors.

The 40 selected projects for Speed Meetings will have one to one meetings of 15 minutes with financers. The Meetings will be arranged previously depending on financers preferences.

Imatge Speed Meetings



Thursday 28th and Friday 29th of May from 9.00 a.m to 2.00 p.m at the CCCB ( C/ Montalegre, 5, 080081 Barcelona).

All Things Are Photographable

Director & Producer: Sasha Waters Freyer

Producer: Benjamin Franzen

Pieshake Pictures



Angélica Liddell. Life & work

Director & Producer: Manuel Fernández-Valdés

Producer: Teresa Fernández-Valdés




Cyborgs Among Us

Director: Rafel Duran

Producers: Joan Úbeda, Fabrice Estève & Christian Popp

Media 3.14 & Yuzu Productions

Spain & France



Director & Producer: Ed Antoja

Producer: Jennifer Berengueras

La Diferencia & Faada




Director: Jens Loftager

Producer: Mikkel Stolt

Fenris Film & Multimedia ApS

Denmark & Lithuania


Foam Dream

Director: Elena Molina

Producer: Mayca Sanz

Cicely Films




Producers & Directors: Lluís Jené, Amanda Sans & Oriol Gispert

La Lupa Produccions & Produccions Particulars



Frontier Revolution

Director: Mark McLoughlin

Producer: Dara Jauch & Hilary Fennell

Bang Bang Teo




Director & Producer: Shirly Berkovitz

Associate Producer & Co-writer: Noam Pinchas



Home Run

Director: Nemanja Vojinović

Producer: Andrijana Stojković

All Inclusive Films



Hunger Brothers

Director & Producer: Lucija Stojevic

Producer: Sandra Olsina

Noon Films

Spain & France & Austria


Latitud 80

Director: Guille Cascante

Producer: Montse Portabella




Learning to Forget

Director: Kaspar Astrup Schröder

Producer: Katrine A. Sahlstrøm

Good Company



Living. Loving.

Director: Mette Aakerholm Gardell

Producer: Stina Gardell

Mantaray Film



Milk Drop

Director: Clio Sozzani

Producer: Igal Kohen

Piw! & Illogica Lab

France & Italy


My Survival Story

Directors: Béla Batthyany and others

Producers: Martin Inderbitzin & Beat Lenherr




Notes for a Heist Film

Director: León Siminiani

Producers: María Zamora & Luisa Matienzo

Avalon & Tusitala



Priorat, The Magnificent Five

Director: David Fernández de Castro

Producers: Tono Folguera & Belén Sánchez

Lastor Media & Un Capricho




Director: Shirly Berkovitz

Producer: Amitan Menelzon

Comeback Films



Sands of Silence

Director & Producer: Chelo Álvarez-Stehle

Advisor: Susana Guardiola

innerLENS Productions

USA & Spain



Directors & Producers: Andrew Becker & Daniel Mehrer

What Delicate Pictures



Sara Baras. Voices

Directors: Rafa Molés & Pepe Andreu

Producer: Kiko Martínez

Nadie es perfecto



Say Something

Director: Åsa Ekman

Producer: Oscar Hedin

Film and Tell

Sweden & Norway


Searching for Oscar

Director: Octavio Guerra

Producer: Elisa Torres

Calibrando Producciones



Shiners: The Art of Shoe Shine

Director and Producer: Stacey Tenenbaum

H2L Productions




Director: Robert Zuber

Producer: Siniša Juričić

Nukleus Films



Some Roses Never Wilt

Director & Producer: Natalia Orozco

Producers: Gregory Schepard & Jorge Medina

Pulso Mundo & Urubu Films & RCN TV

Colombia & France

Sometime, Later, Maybe

Directors: Dani Resines & Roger Gómez

Producer: Cristina Sánchez

El Cangrejo



Stories of the Half-Light

Director: Luca Magi

Producers: Claudio Giapponesi & Michele Manzolini

Kiné Società Cooperativa & Vezfilm

Italy & United Kingdom


Stuka Experiment

Directors: Rafa Molés & Pepe Andreu

Producers: Natalia Maestro & Oriol Cortacans

SUICAfilms & Batabat



The Crossing

Director: George Kurian

Producer: Bente Olav

Gründer Film



The Good, the Bad and the Living

Director: Ksenia Okhapkina

Producer: Riho Västrik




The Karamazoff, a walk on the SoHo years

Director & Producer: Juan Gamero

Producer: Carmen Rodríguez

Paradocs & La Quimera



The Last Cathedral

Director: Matteo Ferrarini

Producer: Matteo Pecorara

Small Boss & Freeside Films

Italy & UK


The Order

Director: Joël Curtz

Producer: Catherine Siméon

Faites un voeu



The Promise

Director: Zeljko Mirkovic

Producer: Dusan Gajic

Optimistic Film & SEETV

Serbia & Belgium


The Silence of Others

Directors & Producers:  Almudena Carracedo & Robert Bahar

Semilla Verde Productions




Director: Lars Erlend Tubaas Øymo

Producer: August B. Hanssen

Indie Film



Wars don’t End

Director: Dheeraj Akolkar

Producers: Christian Falch & Elin Festøy




Why Do We Dance?

Director: Luca Maximilian Caputo

Producers: Carles Brugueras & Marieke van den Bersselaar

Polar Star Films


  • Nicole Tsien from POV (USA)
  • Jose Rodriguez from Tribeca Film Institute (USA)
  • Louise Rosen from Louise Rosen Ltd. (USA)
  • Bruni Burres from Sundance Documentary Program (USA)
  • Jess Gormley from The Guardian (UK)
  • Luke Moody from BritDoc Foundation (UK)
  • Karen Michael from Arte France (France)
  • Maëlle Guenegues from CAT&Docs (France)
  • Kathryn Bonnici from Java Films (France)
  • Patrizia Mancini from WIDE House (France)
  • Manuela Buono from Slingshot Films (Italy)
  • Isabel Arrate from IDFA Bertha Fund (The Netherlands)
  • Gudrun Hanke-El Ghomri from SWR (Germany)
  • Diana Karklin from Rise and Shine (Germany)
  • Charlotte Gry Madsen from SVT (Sweden)
  • Jenny Westergard from YLE (Finland)
  • Magdalena Borowska and Telewizja Polska TVP1 (Poland)
  • Gitte Hansen from First Hand Films (Switzerland)
  • Hana Šilarová from Doc Alliance Films (Czech Republic)
  • Fettouma Benhaimoud from 2M (Morocco)
  • Kenny Kihyung Bae from Korean Broadcaster System (South Korea)
  • Olivia Renault from GloboNews (Brazil)
  • Sebastián Pelayo from Sistema Público de Radiodifusión Mexicano (Mexico)
  • Gloria Luz Arenas from Caracol Televisión (Colombia)
  • Germán Berger from TVN Televisión Nacional de Chile (Chile)
  • Iñigo Trojaola from Canal+ (Spain)
  • Rosa Pérez Roa from RTVE (Spain)
  • María Zamora from AVALON (Spain)
  • Jaume Ripoll from Filmin (Spain)
  • Joan Salvat from TV3 (Spain)
  • Jordi Ambròs from TV3 (Spain)

As a training for the Speed Meetings, the Speed Meetings Workshop will take two days before.

During these days, participants will be able to work intensely improving their project presentation with the aid of the international tutors: Mikael Opstrup from EDN, European Documentary Network and Catherin Olsen, International Documentary Consultant.

The cost to participate at Speed Meetings is:

FEE (21% VAT excluded) FEE (21% VAT**)
300€ 363€
*The fee is for project, the maximum number of people allowed for project is 2.
** Non Spanish European companies or professionals with an intra-community VAT number registered at VIES (Vat Information Exchange System) are not subject to pay 21% VAT.

The fee includes:

  • Participation at the Speed Meetings
  • Speed Meetings Coffee Break
  • Access as a viewer at the Latin Pitch and the Interactive Pitch
  • Access to InterDocsBarcelona conference
  • Access to Opening and Closing ceremonies (RSVP needed)
  • Access to the Festival screenings
  • Access to Master Classes and industry conferences
  • Access to “Sebald Variations” exhibition at CCCB
*It doesn’t include the Speed Meetings Workshop

?????East Doc Platform Special Collaboration

DocsBarcelona has reached an agreement with the East Doc Platform (Prague, Czech Republic) consisting in an exchange of prizes between the two events.

An Eastern European project pitched at East Doc Platform 2015 has been selected for the DocsBarcelona Speed Meetings 2015 and a project selected for the DocsBarcelona Speed Meetings 2015 will be selected to attend the East Doc Platform 2016.
The project selected will have access to:

–    A free accreditation to the East Doc Platform 2016 and all the related industry and networking events.
–    Meeting with 10 decision makers within the Project Market 2016 (the project will be automatically selected for the market and granted the meetings).
–    Free lunches and coffee breaks at the Project Market 2016.
–    To be considered for the East European Forum and Doc Tank presentation selection.


The winner project from the East Doc Platform award has been “Faith” from Jens Loftager and Mikkel Stolt.

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