A section for the teenage audience. A new way to travel and discover near and far away realities.

Bikes vs Cars (2015)

Fredrik Gertten Sweden 91min. VOSCat
The bicycle becomes a powerful tool to face the economic crisis we are living. However, the activists and the cities around the world that fight for that change are confronted by the automobile industry which invests millions of dollars to maintain its business.

Game Over (2015)

Alba Sotorra Spain, Germany 78min. VOSCat
A young man obsessed with war games becomes a soldier. But he finds real war boring and returns home to face a family war caused by the economic crisis. Only when he realizes real life is not like in the movies, will he be able to grow up.

Particle fever (2013)

Mark Levinson USA 99min. VOSCat
How must have Edison felt when he turned on the first light bulb? Particle Fever opens a window to the lives of the creators of the Large Hadron Collider, those who discovered the God particle . What are we and where do we come from?

The Special Need (2013)

Carlo Zoratti Italy 84min. VOSCat
Enea is a 29 year old man with the usual needs of a man his age. What is not so common is his way of expressing those needs. Enena is autistic and he announces his sexual desire with neon lights, often misinterpreting the reactions of the girls he approaches on the street. He needs to learn that the woman that will say yes will probably not be the woman of his dreams.
Docs&Teens | Edition 2015, Festival