A section devoted to documentary productions from local universities. An exhibition space for cinema students from various Catalan schools. The best film will be awarded with the DOC-U Award. In the last edition we screened 10 university productions and Huellas de ausencia by Ana Monrás won the DOC-U Award.

The screenings will be on Friday 29th of May in the Sala Teatre of CCCB.

¿Dónde están las niñas? (2015)

Alba Barbosa, Irene López, Albert Sureda, Luis Torrelles Spain 32min. VOSEng
The testimony of various women who lived in Franco regime care centres between the 40s and 80s, and who still to this day are suffering psychological effects.

Ayiti Cheri (2015)

Júlia Girós Haiti 18min. VOSCat
Júlia travels to Haiti with the aim of making a documentary to tell the realities of her country. Aviti Cheri is a film essay about her fifteen-day trip. When and who should switch on the camera to show a country?

Call me Johnny, please (2015)

Marta Diego Catalonia 18min. VOSEsp
Bernat Costa is a young man who has had the fortune of looking like Johnny Depp. Not only that, but Bernat also suffers from borderline personality disorder, which has led him to fully adopt the famous actor’s attitude and forget his own. We immerse ourselves in the life of this most peculiar young man and the people around him.

Conviviendo (2016)

Diego León, Anna Riera Spain 8min. VOSEng
An intimate portrait of a sexual abuse victim, through a delicate and honest narration that helps us understand what it’s like to live with HIV and its social stigma.

Desde una cicatriz (2018)

Uma Ferrer, Judit Guasch, Lucía Garcia, Blanca Gutiérrez Spain 14min. No subtitles
“Brave, strong and loyal to myself”. This is how Teresa defines herself after suffering a car accident that almost took her life. Two years later, she continues to struggle to overcome the physical and psychological scars that it caused.

Doc-U Section

A section devoted to documentary productions from local universities. The best shortfilm will be awarded with the DOC-U Award. The award is sponsored by 16nou.

Dos por uno (2014)

Carolina Romillo Marín Spain 28min. VOSEsp
A personal portrait of the kind of communication and relationship found in the amazing world of twins: the similarities and differences, the pros and cons, what makes them special, unique; what keeps them always together from the moment they are born.

El Sonido (2014)

Daniel Granado Catalonia 7min.
Didac Salas has been practicing pole vaulting all his life. When he goes out into the track, the sound of his own shoes reminds him of all the hours he has devoted to sport. We observe the experiences of a high-level athlete to get first-hand knowledge of a world unfamiliar to most people.

Fòrum (2015)

Ferran Cano Spain 11min. VOSEng
A personal portrait of El Parc del Fòrum and its characters. An empty, abstract place which comes to life through its heightened soundscape.

Fràgil (2018)

Bàrbara Prohens Spain 5min. VOSEsp
The honest and intimate reflection of a girl, who suffered an eating disorder, shows that having someone to you listen to you and support you can be the best treatment.

Fregant el cel (2015)

Tània Ribas Spain 23min. VOSEng
Through the eyes of the filmmaker, a former swimmer, we get to know five elite athletes who had to give up sport before achieving their biggest goals.

Hasta que la violencia nos separe (2018)

María Manuela Sarmiento Colombia 16min. VOSEng
El jutge Rodrigo Bastidas Sánchez va ser assassinat als carrers de Bogotà davant del seu fill, un crim que mai va ser investigat fins ara, 37 anys després. Judge Rodrigo Bastidas Sánchez was murdered in the streets of Bogotá in front of his son, a crime that has never been investigated until now, 37 years later.

Hombreperro (2018)

Paula Garcia Rossell Spain 5min. VO
Josep Ivan Argelaga Gras is also “hombreperro” (dogman), a public figure who freely shows consensual submission in the form of an alter ego: a dog. Nights and venues in the Barcelona quarter of Raval welcome his performances as a dog, while also living his conventional life.

Home (Hogar) (2017)

Víctor Granados Luque Spain 6min. VO
Lander receives an eviction order from the Court of First Instance. He will have to leave the apartment he squatted two years ago and which has gradually become his true home. A first-person reflection on the alternative option of squatting in terms of accessing housing and what it entails.

La Ausencia (2015)

Arturo Baltazar Mexico 15min. VOSEng
A charming portrait of the filmmaker’s grandmother and her lonely life in the countryside. Her birthday is coming up and she’s getting ready for the family visit.

Negre de merda (2018)

Manel Serrat Spain 20min. VOSEng
Daura is a young immigrant, fruit of two cultures, two ways of understanding the world and experiencing religion. A series of bad decisions led him to prison.

Nobody is perfect (2017)

Beatriz Pérez Spain 15min. VOSEng
The sincere account of Alex’s thoughts, experiences, fears and insecurities at the time of making a life-changing decision shows that breaking taboos and knocking down barriers and prejudices begins with courage and self-acceptance. Personal liberation is the best weapon to break down gender masks.

Pasos de Seda (2014)

Érika Sánchez Colombia 15min. VOSEng
The violence in Colombia has left pain, sorrow and sadness. Betty Cárdenas is a plastic artist who fights for the memory of his daughter, Isabel Restrepo Cárdenas.

Reborn (2015)

Carles Farró Catalonia 25min. VOSCat, VOSEsp
Manfred has been running a hair salon in Barcelona’s Born district for over 30 years. Over time he has witnessed how his surroundings have undergone a transformation that has put an end to small businesses that had long been there. Now he has to fight to keep his own business and his way of life.

Reflexes (2015)

Ariadna Monleón Spain 8min. VOSEng
Jing Jing Fu came to Barcelona when she was only 10. Now at 17, the teenage girl allows us into her family’s Chinese bar.

Soleá, els néts dels altres catalans (2015)

Marc Hernández, Maria Llinás, Natàlia Morales, Marta Vivet Spain 18min. VOSEng
An introspective look at the grandchildren of Andalusian immigrants who came to Catalonia in the 50s. The music of Julián Arcas shows the cultural loss caused by the lack of social integration policies.

Tales of Rabassada (2015)

Ferran Romeu 28min.
A portrait of Barcelona’s old casino on the Rabassada road. Andrei, a Russian globetrotter who lives under the roof of the casino, shows us the ruins of the Catalan bourgeoisie’s great dream.

Thanatos (2018)

Axel D. Sánchez Spain 13min. VOSEng
Gina, a woman from Combarro, a village in Galicia, shares with us her look at the past. A retrospective reflection on her long life, on death, the loss of loved ones, and the feelings that emerge in old age.

Trance (2015)

Lorena Arroyo Spain 5min. VOSEsp
An original portrait of an abattoir worker. His constant inner struggle compels us to reflect on our relationship with animals.

DOC-U | Edition 2015, Festival