Rough Cut Pitch


A selection of 4 projects in rough cut stage will participate in a presentation of a project in front of a selection of commissioning editors, film funds and sales agents and accredited professionals of DoscBarcelona.

Each project will be given 15 minutes to present, in which the trailer must be included, as well as a sequence of the project and 15 minutes of questions and answers with the invited panel of experts. Then, private meetings between comissioning editors and projects will be organized.

Furthermore, the selected projects for this activity, will participate in a creative consultancy prior to the presentation.


If you have a project in rough cut stage, you can submit it to the Rough Cut Pitch.

Check the rules


To submit your project, you must complete this form. You will have to upload this items:

  1. A teaser/clip link to display online. The length of the clip must be of 3 minutes maximum. (If the original language is not English it must include English subtitles).
  2. A selected scene (between 5 and 7 minutes) (If the original language is not English it must include English subtitles).
  3. The link of the rough cut to visualize the whole project. (If the original language is not English it must include English subtitles).
  4. Attach one unique PDF document with a presentation of your project, 2 pages long in English. This document needs to include the following information:

Page 1: Teaser / clip link and password if necessary. Technical details (length, language, stage…) indicating the documentary theme (sociology, arts, music, culture, human rights, current affairs, environment, etc.). Synopsis and treatment (images can be included).

Page 2: Production Company CV, Producer and Director CV, budget and financing plan (it is not necessary for submitted projects to have prior financing. Please, point out the funding opportunities you’re looking for at DocsBarcelona (coproduction, distribution, TV rights sales…) and please, specify the territories of interest.

Projects longer than 2 pages will not be accepted. The name of the document must be the title of the project in English.

Submit your project


Wednesday, May 27th at the CCCB


If your project is selected, the cost to participate in the Rough Cut Sessions is:

Participation Fee (21% VAT included)
* The fee is per project, the maximum number of participants per project is 2 people.

·         Participation for two people in the Rough Cuts Sessions.

·         Individualized creative advises prior to the presentation.

·         30 minutes presentation.

·         Individual meetings with part of the expert panel.

·         Access as public to Public Pitch.

·         Access to Master Classes and industry conferences.

·         Access to Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Festival (previous reservation needed).

·         Access to the Festival screenings (one ticket per screening).

·         Access to networking activities.

·         Industry Guide including all contacts of the DocsBarcelona accredited professionals.


Check here all the awards you can access with your project.

Rough Cut Pitch | Edition 2020