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Open to projects from Ibermedia countries, as well as the rest of the word but the participant needs to be fluent in Spanish. Programme will accompany along 2020 12 documentary projects in an initial development stage to confer them an international dimension. The ultimate goal is to guide them towards growth, to bring them closer to the international market and give them opportunities sothat  they can keep growing, get funding and become great films.

During 2020, 12 projects will be mentored by two experts with a large experience in documentaries. During the festival DOCSBARCELONA 2019, the program will be completed with 4 sessions where different themes will be explored such as: funding sources, branding, contracts, distribution, pitch or marketing, among others.


  • 4 individual online sessions with an expert guiding and supervising the project along 2019.
  • Face to face workshop, from the 14th to the 27th of May in Barcelona.

The tutorials and workshops will be in Spanish.

For more info you can contact the coordinator Neus Pérez at this email:


Alphonso Ford – Score Until the Last Day

Director: Aris Tsiaras
Producer: Ursula Romero Gerberding
Production company: Alphonso – Score Until the Last Day A.I.E
Country: España

 Cuando fuimos valientes

Director: Laura Durán
Producer: Laura Durán
Production company: Laura Durán
Country: Argentina

 Desconocidas Gigantes

Director: Marta Solano
Producer: Marta Solano
Production company: Burbuja Films
Country: España

 El Nicolás: La búsqueda inútil de la materialidad

Director: Diego Alberto Martínez
Producer: Juliana Khalifé
Production company: Archivo Nicolás Kingman
Country: Ecuador

El Último Descubridor

Director: Adriana Chazarro
Producer: Wilson Mundaca
Production company: La Laucha Cine y Producciones SpA
Country: Chile

Ellos y nosotros

Director: Guillermo Kloetzer
Producer: Diego Sardi
Production company: De La Raíz Films
Country: Uruguay

Hatun Raymi

Director: Marco Condori Oymas
Producer: Luis Ramos Choqueconza
Production company: ImaginAccion Medialab
Country: Perú

Hombres Perdidos

Director: Andrés Madrigal
Producer: Andrés Madrigal
Production company: Paradox Films
Country: Costa Rica

La magia del sur

Director: Gustavo Lorgia Garnica
Producer: Xiomara Rojas Prieto
Production company: Burbuja Films
Country: Colombia

Las Montañas de mis Padres

Director: Jonathan Bricheux
Producer: Carlos Tribiño Mamby
Production company: Hotel B Filmes
Country: Colombia


Director: Helga Delgadillo
Producer: Alejandro Quiroga Guerra
Production company: De Otro Cuento Films
Country: Bolivia

 Viaje al círculo sagrado

Director: Nelly Dávalos
Producer: Estefanía Ortiz
Production company: Chamaca Productora
Country: Paraguay



Joan Gonzàlez

Director of DocsBarcelona. Executive producer, filmmaker and editor.

He has produced more than 150 documentary films, some of them have been awarded at the Berlinale, selected at Festivals like INPUT or Sundance. Joan Gonzàlez was given the European EDN Award in 2013 for his contribution to the development of the documentary culture in the South of Europe.





  • Joan Gonzàlez, (Parallel40 – DocsBarcelona) executive producer and director of DocsBarcelona.
  • David Matamoros, (ZentropaSpain) CEO,producer and specialist in marketing and film distribution.
  • Pau Dueñas, (Morillas) global partner and branding specialist.
  • Carlota Planas (Sabatellini & Associats), specialist lawyer in audiovisual rights.
  • Josep Maria Aragonès (Antaviana Films) Founder of Antaviana Films. Specialist in visual effects and postproduction.


The best project that participates in the DOCSBARCELONA CAMPUS, will receive the DOCSBARCELONA CAMPUS Award, consists of participating directly and free of charge to the Speeds Meeting of the 2021 edition, the main financing activity of DocsBarcelona Industry.

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