Rough Cut

Rough Cut: New format and more opportunities


A selection of up to 4 projects in rough cut stage will participate in a one-hour creative consultancy, in the presentation of its project in front of a panel of experts, and in individual meetings with part of this panel of financiers. Each presentation will be 30 minutes long; 15 minutes of presentation + 15 minutes of feedback from the panel.


What is the participation in the Rough Cut?

  • Rough Cut is for those projects that are at the rough cut stage and seek both funding and creative advice.
  • Selected projects will have an hour-long creative consultancy prior to the presentation with Tue Steen Müller, head of programming of the DocsBarcelona and co-founder of Balticum Film and TVFestival Filmkontakt North and documentary of the EU.
  • Each project will be given 30 minutes for presentation, distributed as follows: 15 minutes to explain the project, (where it must include the trailer, as well as a sequence of the project) and then 15 minutes of questions and answers with the invited panel of experts.
  • Rough Cut will take place at midday on Wednesday 22th May at the CCCB of Barcelona, where the accredited for the DocsBarcelona may attend as public. During the afternoon there will be individual one-to-one meetings with part of the funders panel.
THE DEADLINE FOR A SUBMISSION HAS ALREADY PASSED: The selected projects will be published in this page on April 10th.

When and where?

Wednesday, May 22nd in CCCB.


To submit a project to the Rough Cut DocsBarcelona is required:

Registration for this activity is free and projects must be submitted is done through e-mail at: The e-mail must include:

  1. One unique PDF document with a presentation of your project, maximum 2 pages long in English.
  2. The link of the project trailer.
  3. The link of a selected scene.
  4. The link of the rough cut to visualize the whole project.


The first selection phase will evaluate the presentation of the project, the trailer and the selected scene. The last phase of the selection will evaluate the rough cut.

The Rough Cut registration is free of charge.

If your project is selected, the cost to participate in the Rough Cut Screenings is:

Participation Fee (21% VAT included)
* The fee is per project, the maximum number of participants per project is 2 people.

·         Participation for two people in the Rough Cuts.

·         Individualized creative advises prior to the presentation.

·         30 minutes presentation.

·         After lunch with the rest of the participants.

·         Individual meetings with part of the expert panel.

·         Access as public to Public Pitch.

·         Access to Master Classes and industry conferences.

·         Access to Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Festival (previous reservation needed).

·         Access to the Festival screenings (one ticket per screening).

·         Access to networking activities.

·         Industry Guide including all contacts of the DocsBarcelona accredited professionals.

Music Library Award

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