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Do you want to be part of the Young Jury Reteena of DocsBarcelona?

If you are between ages 16 and 21 and you like the cinema, join the Young Jury Reteena of the 22nd edition of DocsBarcelona. You will be able to enjoy a unique experience where you will be able to find out about unpublished documentaries, meet professionals of the industry and train your critical capabilities in order to end up choosing the movie that will win the Award from the Young Jury Reteena DOCSBARCELONA 2019.

And what does being part of the Young Jury Reteena consists of? 

– Formative session: in May 15th, the inauguration of this year’s festival, the Young Jury Reteena will gather with Tue Steen Müller, artistic director of the festival, founder of the European Documentary Network, international consultor of the documentaries and jury in numerous international cinema festivals. In this gathering the members of the Jury will learn the key to doing a good critical analysis of the movies in light of the final deliberation.

– Movie visioning: During the DocsBarcelona festival (from the 15th to the 25th of May) you will dispose of a special accreditation which will enable you to watch the 6 movies from the Reteena Itinerari.

– Deliberation session: The 23rd of May, the final deliberation session will take place, overviewed by the Festival Reteena’s Directors.

– Delivery of the Award during the Cloenda’s Gala: The 25th of May, during the closure of the DocsBarcelona Festival, the members of the Jury will deliver the award to the winner.

How to submit?
You must fill in the following form  with your data, send us a review of the last movie you saw, and explain why you want to be part of the Young Jury Reteena. You have until the 17th of April.

If you have any doubts you can contact us through the following email:

Curious Reteenas