Development Workshop


Addressed to all directors and producers with a documentary project in development

The participants will work on the projects individually with the tutor to pick up the weaknesses and strengths of each project to be able to develop a good documentary film. The consultancy will be done in group so that everyone can enrich from the other projects in addition to mature his own project.

This workshop will be in Spanish.


The aim is to provide the methodology and the right tools to be successful in the production and development of international documentaries. You will work on the plot, the storyline and the characters, among other aspects of the script.

Mi manual de instrucción al duelo
Director: Chiara Gherarducci
Spain, Italy

Cuando estaba Lejos
Director and writer: Agulló Prieto

Sisa, l’home dibuixat.
Codirector and executive producer: Joan Celdran Danés

Los señores del cielo
Director, writer and coproductor: Girona Guillén
Spain, United Kingdom

Better in Beirut than in Paris
Codirector: Erol Ileri Lloreda
Codirector: Albert Lloreta Ribalta
Producer: Neus Marmol Baladas

Director: Ana M. Bofarull

Misiva para Emma Reyes
Director: Ana Salas

Sounds of the Earth
Producer: Adam Szmidt
Italy, Germany

Tito & Margot
Writer and producer: Joaneska Grössl

Director: Otto Reuschel


Thursday May 25th, Friday May 26th, Saturday May 27th and Sunday May 28th from 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. at CCCB.


Apply for the Development Workshop

To register for the workshop you have to send an email with subject DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP + NAME OF THE PROJECT to

In the email you must include the following information:

  1. Written document: A presentation of the project (maximum of 2 pages long) in PDF format with the following information:
  • Page 1: Project title, storyline, synopsis, focus, character names and their role in the documentary showing that an investigation has been conducted. Brief summary of the state of research (locations, interviews, etc.).
  • Page 2: Curriculum vitae of the director and  the producer or production company (optional). You can also include a summary of the budget and the financial plan (optional).
  1. In  the email you must include the following information:
    – Project Title
    – Name and Surname of the participant
    – Your task within the project
    – Production company and website (optional)
    – Country
    – Telephone number
  2. You can add a link with the teaser of the project (optional).

Can I attend the Development Workshop if I don’t have any documentary project in development?

Yes you can, you can attend as an OBSERVER if there are places left. To register for the workshop as an observer you have to send an email with subject OBSERVER DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP + YOUR NAME AND SURNAME to:

In the email you must include the following information:

– Name and Surname
– Job title
– Production company and website (optional)
– Telephone number
– Why do you want to attend the Development Workshop?




For 3 days we will work with Joan Gonzàlez to focus the story, find the best title, build the most attractive stroryline or discover the best characters, among other aspects of the script.

The last day of the workshop, Arnau Gifreu, will guide the projects in their possible interactive narrative.  This way participants can reflect on the possibility of exploring the interactive narrative of their projects. The participation of Arnau Gifreu will take place on the fourth day of the workshop.



This is the fifth edition of this workshop at DocsBarcelona (each edition the workshop was booked out). This workshop has been given at several other festivals and professional markets. During all these editions have passed through the development workshop projects how:

On acaben els camins directed by Noemí Cuní (Catalunya),  La ciudad de los fótografos directed by Sebastian Moreno (Xile), El edificio de los Chilenos directed by Macarena Aguiló (Xile), Versogramas directed by Celia Parra (Espanya) o Voladores directed by Nathalia Vernizzi (Brasil), among others.

Clare Weiskopf, director of Amazona, one of the projects that participated in the development workshop explains her experience.



Joan Gonzàlez 2016moltPEKEJoan Gonzàlez

Director of DocsBarcelona Festival. Executive producer, filmmaker and editor.

He has produced more than 150 documentary films, some of them have been awarded at the Berlinale, selected at Festivals like INPUT or Sundance. Joan Gonzàlez was given the European EDN Award in 2013 for his contribution to the development of the documentary culture in the South of Europe.

Arnau Gifreu

InterDocsBarcelona coordinator

Transmedia and interactive producer and consultant .He is a consultant for Interactive Media Department and collaborator of the Somos Documentales project from RTVE (Spanish TV). He coordinates interDocsBarcelona (+ Medellín and Valparaíso). He is a research affiliate at the Open Documentary Lab (MIT) and part of the i-Docs group (University of the West of England).

The cost to participate at the Development Workshop is (PER PARTICIPANT):

FEE (21% VAT included) **
*The fee is per participant. **FAQS

The fee includes:

  • The working sessions with the tutor.
  • Coffee breaks from all sessions.
  • Festival ticket season.
  • Access to Opening and Closing ceremonies (RSVP needed).

*Professional Accreditation not included.

ATTENTION: If you want to have access to the industry and networking activities, you will need to register to the Professional Accreditation. 


  • The registration deadline is March 15th 2018
  • By the end of March we will publish the selected projects on the website.
  • The workshop will be on Thursday 24th, Friday 25th, Saturday 26th, and Sunday 27th from 9am to 2pm at the CCCB.


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