Round Table: My Garage: Creating a film production company

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My Garage: Creating a documentary company 

A lot of new production companies start every year. At the same time, there are a lot of companies that can’t continue and have to close down. Some of them after a long career, but others after a short time; they don’t even get a chance to produce a single film. However, most companies carry on producing good documentaries and building a positive identity brand. Why did they decide to start a company? How did the company obtain finance for their first projects? How do they achieve some stability?

Our speakers will tell us about their personal experiences in managing their production companies and keeping them going.



WHEN & WHERE: Friday May 25rd from 5pm. – Auditori CCCB.

Free access. Limited seats.

ATENTION: The round table will be in English.

ATTENTION:If you want to have access to the industry and networking activities, you will need to register to the Professional Accreditation.

The speakers will be:


Laura Collado

With a degree in journalism and a real passion for storytelling, Laura moved from entertainment TV (MTV, TV3) to documentary working with director Justin Webster on Al Jazeera’s “People and Power”. With Andoliado Producciones she became associate producer for award winning “La Casa”, gained MEDIA support for “Yorgos” and got first hand experience on European market and forums. Again with JWP she produced “Life from others” for TVC. “Constructing Albert” (2017) which premiered at San Sebastian, Palm Springs, SXSW, Guadalajara, BAFICI and Hot Docs and broadcast at TV3 and Movistar+ was her directorial debut and Trueday Films first feature documentary.



Noemí Cuní – MODERATOR

Broadcaster is an independent production company with more of 20 years of experience producing TV and radio journalistic contents: newscasts, infomagazines, documentaries and docu-series. We currently have the outsourcing of the news services of 8TV, Spain, and we produce 4 programs in it. We are also specialists in audiovisual corporate communication.





Elisenda Dalmau

Writer, Director, Project Manager, she has a Master in Direction and Screenplay in ESCAC with experience in Television and Film Industry. In 2013 I wrote and directed the documentary “Comediants, con el sol en la maleta” produced by Setmàgic Audiovisual in coproduction with TVC and TVE.

I have been a member of the jury in the Iberoamerican section for the International Festival of Huesca and during the last years, I created my own company, called Ostia Films, specializing in content for social networks and films.



 Paula Palacios

Paula Palacios is a Spanish documentary filmmaker living between Madrid & Paris. She has directed over 25 films in the past 11 years, which focus mainly on human rights, refugees and women and has filmed mostly in the Middle East and Africa.

Some titles include: Femmes sans Pause (52’) 2011, New Walls (72′) 2012, France, Responsible but not guilty? (52′) 2015, Zahra’s Letter(15′) 2017, Double Victims (47′) 2018.

Today Paula is preparing 2 feature length documentaries: Wet Letters (Cartas mojadas) & My brother Ali.

She directs two production companies, PALACIOS FILMS in Paris and MORADA FILMS in Madrid. MORADA FILMS is located at LA MORADA DE MALASAÑA, which Paula also manages. The facilities include a cinema hall opened to the public on weekends.


Stacey Tenenbaum

Stacey Tenenbaum is an award-winning producer and director. She started her career in 1998, as a researcher on the internationally syndicated TV series, Popular Mechanics for Kids. Stacey began producing in 2004 on the educational TV series, Mystery Hunters (YTV and Discovery Intl.)  In 2008 she co-created and produced the documentary television series The Beat (OLN), which followed a team of beat police patrolling the streets of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.  In 2012 Stacey was nominated for an International Emmy for In Real Life III, Stacey started H2L Productions in 2014 to produce and direct her own documentary features. Her first film, Shiners aired on the Documentary Channel and TV5 in Canada and on Independent Lens / PBS in the USA.  She is currently in post-production on Pipe Dreams, her second documentary feature, and is in development on Scrap, an environmental art film about where things go to die.

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Round Table: My Garage: Creating a film production company