Muerte en León, a case study of a documentary TV serie

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Documentary TV series, a new creation and production model – Muerte en León

TV series have become one of the main products of the audiovisual industry, even more so with the new VOD platforms. It’s time to raise the question of whether documentary TV series are going to play a similar role in the documentary industry. Currently, there are well-known productions that have adopted this new format to tell their stories. This leads us to consider the questions that arise with this new way of conceiving documentary.


DocsBarcelona presents ‘Muerte en León’ as a case study to discuss this subject.  ‘Muerte en León’, released in 2016, is one of the first Spanish productions to become a benchmark for documentary TV series both nationally and internationally.


What are the differences at script level between a feature documentary and a documentary TV series? What are the most recurring themes in documentary TV series and why? What are the differences in terms of production? Who are the audiences and what are the channels for documentary TV series? What is their space in film festivals?


Enric Bach (scriptwriter and producer) and Sumpta Ayuso (producer), who were part of the team of ‘Muerte en León’, will share their personal experiences and opinions on this topic.




WHEN & WHERE: Tuesday May 23rd from 11am. – Auditori CCCB.

Free access. Limited seats.

ATENTION: The conference will be in Spanish.

ATTENTION:If you want to have access to the industry and networking activities, you will need to register to the Professional Accreditation.


Sumpta Ayuso

Executive Producer of JWP. She has been producing documentary films and series for international audiences for 15 years, among others, “I Will Be Murdered”, “Gabo, The Creation of Gabriel Garcia Márquez” , “The End of ETA”, and “Death in León”. She’s a member of the board of the ProDocs Association.



Enric Bach

Sabadell, Barcelona (1979). Graduated in Filmmaking at Ramon Llull University in 2001.

During 7 years (2008-2015), he worked as writer and chief editor at Salvados (La Sexta), the most-viewed current affairs tvprogram in Spain.

In 2011 he co-directed his first documentary film, ‘Dimanche à Brazzaville’, that won 11 international awards (including DocsBarcelona Audience Award 2012) and was screened in more than 40 film festivals worldwide.

In 2015 he joined JWP, where he co-wrote and produced the non-fiction tv series “Death in León” (Justin Webster, Movistar+, 2016).

He is currently developing new non-fiction tv series and films at JWP.

Muerte en León, a case study of a documentary TV serie