• The Distant Barking of Dogs, directed by Simon Lereng Wilmont. DocsBarcelona TV3 Award for Best Documentary, with a cash prize of 5.000€ and a statuette. Awarded by DocsBarcelona Panorama Jury.
  • El Espanto, directed by Martín Benchimol and Pablo Aparo. New Talent Award to best film of the newcomer directors at Panorama Section. Awarded by DocsBarcelona Panorama Jury and consists of an statuette.
  • Robar a Rodin, directed by Cristóbal Valenzuela. DocsBarcelona Latitud Award to the best film of Latitud DocsBarcelona section. Awarded by DocsBarcelona Latitud Jury, it consists of a 5.000€ worth of completion work (conformation, graphics, color correction and final deliveries) for the director’s next film and a statuette. Sponsored by Antaviana Films.
  • The Prince and the Dybbuk, directed by Elwira Niewiera and Piotr Rosołowski. DocsBarcelona What The Doc! Award to the best film of What The Doc! section. Awarded by DocsBarcelona What The Doc! Jury and consists of an statuette.
  • The Congo Tribunal, directed by Milo Rau. Amnesty International Catalunya Award for DocsBarcelona. This award is applicable to any of the films (except DOC-U Section and Docs&Teens) with a theme or topic that defends the rights proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the freedom of speech and the values shared by International Amnesty, and it also shows a remarkable use of cinematographic elements in the fight for transforming reality. Awarded by the Amnesty International Catalunya Jury.
  • Petitet, directed by Carles Bosch. Audience Award to best film of the Oficial Sections (Panorama, Latitud and What The Doc!). Awarded by the audience and consists of a statuette.
  • Nobody is Perfect, directed by Beatriz Pérez. DOC-U Award to best film of this section. Awarded by the DOC-U Jury, it consists in a 50% discount off in rental of shooting equipment. Sponsored by 16nou.
  • El viaje de Unai, directed by Andoni Canela. Docs&Teens Award: Award to best film in this section with a cash prize of 1.500€. Awarded by the audience and sponsored by Endesa.
  • Miss Kiet’s Children, directed by Petra Lataster-Czisch and Peter Lataster. Special Mention from the DocsBarcelona Panorama Jury.

Other Awards:

  • Angry Inuk, directed by Alethea Arnaquq-Baril. DocsBarcelona of the Month Award. Granted by the audience attending the screenings of DocsBarcelona of the Month in 2017 and consists of a statuette.
  • Las Cloacas de Interior, produced by Mediapro and directed by Jaume Roures. PRO-DOCS Award to Best Catalan TV Documentary 2017. Awarded by ProDocs.



Jurat DocsBarcelona Panorama

Jessica Murray

She grew up between England, Kenya and the United States. She currently lives in Barcelona, where she is the director of Al-liquindoi, a Spanish cultural association founded in 2004.  Al-liquindoi provides information to documentary photographers around the world, encouraging them to explore and experiment with different media and develop independent voices. It also curates, develops, and produces various projects in multiple visual mediums, which promote human rights, social justice and other critical issues. www.al-liquindoi.com

Xavi García Puerto

He holds degrees in History and Audiovisual Communication. He has worked in historical research, as a documentary script-writer and as a university professor. As a film and video curator, he has organized programs and exhibitions all over the world. He has also been a jury member for festivals in South Africa, Hungary, Italy, Costa Rica, Serbia, France and Siberia including the Berlinale (Generation). Since 2011 he is the programmer of Tallinn Black Nights FF, delegate for the Spanish-speaking countries, and editor of the competition section Debut. In 2014 and 2015 he was the main curator of the OFF THE WALL project, which takes filmmakers from central and eastern Europe on tour to over 20 cities in Europe and America. Co-founder of Tarragona’s REC International Film Festival and its artistic director since 2006, he has promoted since 2014 the LAB “First Test” for new Spanish creators. He is also a partner of the European educational project WRAP!

Paco Poch

PhD in Audiovisual Communications from the Pompeu Fabra University, he started working as a photographer of cultural events and line producer. He has produced various feature films and documentaries for television, such as The Legend of Time, directed by Isaki Lacuesta, Innisfree, by José Luís Guerín, and he has co-produced films like The Pinochet Case and I Saw Ben Barka Get Killed. In 1991, he received the National Cinematography Award in Barcelona. He is Director of the Master in Film Production and Distribution by Mallerich Films/ECIB/MediaPro/UVIC.

Montse Armengou

She is a distinguished Spanish journalist and investigative documentary filmmaker. She has worked at Televisió de Catalunya (TV3) since 1985. She is the co-director, with Ricard Belis of “Els nens perduts del franquisme” (Franco’s Forgotten Children, 2002), “Les fosses del silenci” (Graves of Silence, 2003), “Avi, et trauré d’aquí” (2013) and “Els internats de la por”(The Institutions of Fear, 2015) among others. Through her work as a documentary filmmaker, Armengou has presented new evidence about the social history of repression in Spain during the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco.  Armengou’s documentaries have received numerous awards, have been published in book form and have become a resource for human rights agencies and activists. Last year, she was visiting professor a NYU and her work has been used, cited, and discussed by several United Nations units.


Jury DocsBarcelona Latitud

Sumpta Ayuso

Executive Producer of JWP. She has been producing documentary films and series for international audiences for 15 years, among others, “I Will Be Murdered”, “Gabo, The Creation of Gabriel Garcia Márquez” , “The End of ETA”, and “Death in León”. She’s a member of the board of the ProDocs Association.

Anna Rebés

A political scientist, she works in the field of International Relations. She is part of the organizing team of Protesta, International Social Criticism Film Festival, and she is responsible for the film website versiopostal.com. She has organized several film festivals and seasons in the area of social rights.

Oriol Font

Journalist and director of science and animation films. He has worked in different areas in TVE Catalonia for 30  years, especially in the field of reporting and documentary. In 1982, he made what would be the first scientific film in Catalan: Mössbauer Spectroscopy, which received several awards. He won the ATLL Journalism Award in 2017.


Jury DocsBarcelona What the Doc!

Oscar Pérez

Filmmaker. His work has been shown and awarded at some of the most prestigious international festivals. The Tailor won best short film at IDFA; Hollywood Talkies competed at the Venice Film Festival; The Final Stretch won the award for best director at Málaga Film Festival; The Best Choice premiered at the Biennale and won best lead actress at Cinespaña, Toulouse. He’s currently a lecturer at UPF and CIFO.



Jury Amnistia Internacional de Catalunya

Xavier Burgués

Professor at the IT School of the UPC in Barcelona, where he lectures in database. He also participates in research and technology transference projects around cooperation and development. President of Amnesty International Catalonia between 2016 and 2018, he is currently an activist at the local Amnesty group in Granollers.

Alícia Artiaga

She holds a BA in Economic and Business Sciences by the UPF. Head of Administration and Finances at Amnesty International Catalonia. Member of the Board of Trustees at the Foundation Casco Antiguo de Barcelona. She also teaches in the field of legal and tax matters and financial and economic management of associations.

Lluís Torres

Political scientist specialized in International Relations. Deputy head of the partners area of Amnesty International Catalonia and coordinator of the outreach website United Explanations. In 2016 he co-promoted various cooperation projects in refugee camps in Greece.



Jurat DocsBarcelona Doc-U

Laura Ferrés

She is currently a lecturer in film direction at ESCAC. Los Desheredados is her first short film after university. It premiered at the Semaine de la Critique – Cannes 2017, where it won the Leica Cine Discovery Prize for Best Short Film in Competition. It was nominated for the European Film Awards 2017 and it was awarded Best Short Film at the Gaudí Awards 2018 and Best Documentary Short Film at the Goya Awards 2018.

Fèlix Colomer

Director and editor of two documentary films. The first one, Sasha (2016) received a special mention at Seminci (Valladolid) and a best documentary award at FIC-CAT Festival. After participating at DocsBarcelona and FICG (Mexico), it has recently premiered on TVC and received a Gaudí nomination for best documentary. His second film, Shootball (2017), premiered last October at Seminci (Valladolid).

Alba Yruela 

1989, La Bisbal d’Empordà. Photographer and diarist. She combines personal projects with her work in portrait and fashion photography. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in France, Spain and the United States. She has just founded her own publishing house “Ediciones Coco” with two travel journals, “Ojama Shimiasu” from Tokyo and “Bound 2” from L.A. and NY.



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