The section aimed at high school students of DocsBarcelona offers a unique opportunity to awaken students’ consciences while discovering fascinating and real stories through documentary films.

With great success, this year’s edition has more than 3,800 students who have already reserved their seats! All sessions are free and matinée.

How does it work?

This year we dedicated the Docs&Teens section to highlighting climate change, the dangers that our planet faces today, the reality of the global warming and how the place where we are born and live affects us. At the same time, you will discover some of the initiatives and individual or collective struggles from around the world to know, preserve, care and respect our environment. All the screenings will be accompanied by a Q&A between the students and the creators of the films and/or experts on the subjects.


These are the documentaries of this year’s edition, a selection of four fascinating stories:


THANKS FOR THE RAIN – Dir. Julia Dahr. 2017, Norway, UK. 60 min. VOSCat

A testimony of the devastating effects of climate change on Earth and how some individual fights can make a difference towards a more sustainable future and a society that acts responsibly towards the environment. Time’s running out; to change the future of our planet we need to change our present.


Monday 14 – CCCB Auditorium – 11:45h

Thursday 17 – CCCB Theatre – 9:45h i 11:45h



EL VIAJE DE UNAI – Dir. Andoni Canela. 2016, Spain. 70min. VO Cat

An exciting journey that sends us a warning message against animal captivity and extinction, while inviting us to explore environmental diversity for ourselves, with respect and responsibility.



Wednesday 16 – CCCB Theatre – 9:45h i 11:45h

Wednesday 23 – CCCB Theatre – 9:45h i 11:45h



RAFEA: SOLAR MAMA (RAFEA Y EL SOL) – Dir. Jehane Noujaim and Mona Eldaief. 2012, US. 76min. VOSCat

The struggle of a Bedouin woman to change her destiny through solar energy. A documentary that tackles the defense of women’s rights and the rupture with rooted traditions in patriarchal societies, while showing the power of education against the power of tradition.



Friday 18 – CCCB Theatre – 9:45h i 11:45h

Friday 25 – CCCB Auditorium – 9:45h i 11:45h



FRÀGILS – Dir. Oriol Gispert, Amanda Sans and Lluís Jené. 2017, Spain. 65min. VOSCat

For two years, a team filmed the birth and the first year in the lives of four girls from four different continents; all of them started their lives marked by poverty and difficult circumstances. Now, 10 years later, the team returns to visit those girls and witness the situation of their families and their countries. Will their lives have improved, or worsened?


Tuesday 15 – CCCB Theatre – 9:45h i 11:45h

Tuesday 22 – CCCB Theatre – 9:45h i 11:45h




What does this activity bring to students?

  • Know stories and become aware of the different levels of reality.
  • An opportunity to talk with and ask questions to the directors/protagonists of the documentaries and experts in the subjects.
  • Discover documentary films and participate in an educational, entertaining and participatory experience.

Where and when?

Screenings during weekdays at CCCB (c/ Montalegre, 5,) in Barcelona, from Monday 14th to 25th May at 9:45am and 11:45am (except 21st and 24th May).



ATTENTION: There are a few seats left! Consult capacity and make bookings at registration form 

More info about the section at Docs&Teens 2018 dossier

We believe that the educational community can play a fundamental role to ensure a sustainable future on our planet and create a more egalitarian, responsible and solidarity society with the environment.

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