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DocsBarcelona A Prop

This year, DocsBarcelona grows even more its number of venues outside Barcelona. Thanks to the support of the Diputació de Barcelona, we will bring a selection of three titles from the DocsBarcelona programme to 9 cities within the Province of Barcelona.

The selection of titles that will be shown at DocsBarcelona A Prop is:


Spain, France. 2018. Dir. Cosima Dannoritzer

There is a new resource everyone wants… Forget water, oil and rare minerals: it is our time. An investigation on how time has become a currency and how we can claim back control over this precious but finite resource.




Argentina. 2017. Dir. Pablo Aparo and Martín Benchimol

In a remote Argentinian village, home-made cures replace traditional medicine. Every ailment is treated by neighbours except “El Espanto”, a rare disease that affects women and can only be cured with the mysterious abilities of a peculiar old man from the outskirts of town, whom no husband wants to see visiting their wife…



Lithuania, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Latvia and United Kingdom. 2017. Dir. Arünas Matelis

Behind the elite teams of world cycling there are unknown fighters, true heroes of cycling who crash, get up, and go again. An odyssey that reveals an unusual look at the “wonderful losers”, those who sacrifice their professional careers for the glory of their teammates.



These are the venues and the schedule of the screenings: 

Teatre Patronat – 9,5 Grup Internacional Cinematogràfic


More information at 9,5 Grup Internacional Cinematogràfic

Auditori Miquel Pont


More information at Auditori Miquel Pont

Espai Maragall


More information at Espai Maragall (Centre d’Arts Escèniques de Gavà)

Centre cultural de Granollers – Associació Cultural de Granollers 


More information at Centre cultural de Granollers

Cineclub La Garriga – Cinema Alhambra de la Garriga


More information at Cinema Alhambra de la Garriga

Espai Plana de l’Om – manresana d’equipaments escènics (MEES) 


More information at Kursaal and at Cineclubmanresa

Clack – Sala d’actes del Cafè de Mar


More information at Sala Polivalent del Cafè de Mar 

Teatre Núria Espert


More information at Teatre Núria Espert

Sala Zazie del teatre Casal – Cine Club Vilafranca 


More information at  Sala Zazie del teatre Casal


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