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Addressed to all producers and directors interested in improving their documentary soundtrack

Music is one of the most powerful and effective ways to connect and create emotional bonds with the audience and at the same time be an essential narrative vehicle to underline, correct and ultimately give to the story all possible nuances together with its own voice.

In this workshop, through practical exercises, the filmmakers will discover the meaning and importance of music in the production context. In addition, they will have the opportunity to acquire tools and knowledge to create a soundtrack from the theoretical and technical point of view.

This workshop was also given in  Jameson Notodofilm Weekend and FESTVal de Vitoria and it is coorganized by Acorde: Music Supervision



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PART 1 – 18th of May afternoon

Presentation of the workshop and a debate where the speakers and the audience will reflect on their professional perspective on their creative, practical and economic  challenges of the soundtracks. They will also provide their point of view about the evolution of music in the audiovisual world in general and in particular of the documentary genre.

We also discuss the process of creating a soundtrack and the main elements that compose a soundtrack from a creative and narrative point of view.

PART 2 – 19th of May morning

We will discuss the emotional impact of music, reflecting on the importance of choosing certain pieces depending on the emotion wanted in each moment, the message you want to give, the style and genre and target audience.

Also, we will work on the technical development of a soundtrack. Not only working on the music, but also working on the relationship between dialogue, effects, environments and foley. We will study a practical case using audio editing programs.

PART 3 – 19th of May afternoon

Legal issues: “The Culture of Legality“, the importance of the rights we will like to use in our content.

Alternatives and resources: original composition, musical adaptation, purchase of music rights already produced, commercial music, covers, catalogs, needs and suppliers.

There will be an exercise with practical examples of how to negotiate rights for musical content.


Thursday 18th (from 15.30h to 18.30h) and Friday 19th of May (from 9h to 14h and from 15.30h to 18.30h) at CCCB.

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Yago Santos –  Musical producer

Yago Santos3

Yago Santos is a multi-instrumentalist musician and music producer from Madrid, who also specialises in audiovisual postproduction, synchronisation and sound design, with fourteen years’ experience in the medium.

Yago has been a member of several bands that have gone on tour, made records and given numerous concerts (Tekis, Dharma, The Treers, Feedme, Madame Claude, Matiné, Bobo), nationally and internationally, in which he has played bass, guitar, piano and organ, and sung vocals. He is currently the Creative Director at Music Library SoundFX, in charge of production and coordination of the “Altmusic” music library catalogue and sound and audiovisual postproduction tasks.

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Jorge Magaz – Composer

Jorge Magaz

Jorge Magaz has a Degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Complutense University; he has also studied composition, modern harmonic orchestration, jazz and arrangement, being mainly self-taught. His better known work has probably been in the world of music designed for the big screen, with 50 shorts and various works carried out for TV, radio, theatre and film, highlights of which include the feature films “Extraterrestre” (“Extra-terrestrial”) and “Open windows” (Nacho Vigalondo) and “La mirada de Ouka leele” (“Ouka Leele’s Gaze”) (R.Gordon), nominated to the Goya 2010 awards and receiver of the Cinematographic Critic’s Award to Best New Composer 2009. Other films on which he worked with Gordon are “Mussolini va a morir” (“Mussolini’s going to die”) and “Todo mujer” (“All woman”).
He received the “AMAS” Award to best music for the short film “De Alpargates y orbayando” (I. Ibisate) and the Award to Best Soundtrack at the Zaragoza Film Festival, for his soundtrack to the short film “Marisa”, as well as the Award for Best Original Soundtrack at Cortogenia 2010, for the short film “Marina” (Alex Montoya). He was a member of Alberto Iglesias’ team on films such as “The Argentine” and “Guerrilla” (directed by Steven Soderbergh) and “The Kite Runner” by Marc Foster, nominated for the Best Original Soundtrack at the 2007 Oscars. He has worked regularly as an arranger in very diverse settings: the Radiohead Concert at the Daydream 2008 Festival, the Reader’s Digest magazine, TV adverts, as well as for videogames and viral marketing campaigns.
He has also felt comfortable working in the documentary genre; highlights include “Campeones, La roja” (“The Reds, The Champions”) and “Jerez & el misterio del palo cortado” (“Jerez & the mystery of the broken stick”) (by Jose Luis López-Linares). In the teaching world, apart from the TAI (University Degree in Composition of Contemporary Music), he has given courses and workshops on film music in many different education centres such as Ondas Escolares, the ECAM (Film and Audiovisual Production College of the Autonomous Community of Madrid), the Instituto del Cine (Film Institute), Ateneo de Madrid (Madrid Athenaeum), Universidad Autónoma (Autonomous University), Universidad Complutense (Complutense University), Fundación Autor (Authors’ Foundation) and the Professional Conservatory of Majadahonda.

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The fee to participate in “The secrets of a great soundtrack” workshop is:

Fee (taxes included)
Fee for participant 164€

The fee includes:

  • Participation at “The secrets of a great soundtrack” workshop
  • Coffee break and lunch of May 19th
  • Season ticket for DocsBarcelona Festival (6 screenings).
  • Access to Opening and Closing ceremonies (RSVP needed).
  • Access to Master Classes.

*It doesn’t includes a Professional Accreditation.

ATTENTION: If you want to have access to Industry activities and networking, you will need to submit to Professional Accreditation.

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