Speed Meetings

Speed Meetings: a financing and distribution market for documentary industry

Speed Meetings are DocsBarcelona’s main industry activity. It is the perfect place to promote and finance your project to potential financers and film distributors. A meeting point for professionals from all over the world.

40 projects selected for Speed Meetings will have one to one meetings of 15 minutes with financers. The Meetings will be arranged previously depending on financers and projects needs.

In 2016 35 financers from 28 countries attended and 587 meetings took place.

DocsBarcelona is a profitable investment for producers: the 60% of the projects submitted to the Industry Activities are finished and the 20% are now in production.



Thursday 25th and Friday 26th of May from 9.00 a.m to 2.00 p.m at CCCB.

100 Million Views

Director: Itamar Rose

Producers: Tal Barda, Noam Pinchas

The Wonderful Kingdom Films




Director: Ricardo Íscar

Producer: Âle Paiva

El Refugio Producciones




Director: Óscar Bernàcer

Executive Producer: Jordi Llorca

Script: Óscar Bernàcer and Raquel Pérez Ejerique

Nakamura Films



Battle of Sighs

Director: Augusto Sandino

Producer: Loris Omedes

Bausan Films



City for Sale

Director and producer: Laura Álvarez Soler



Contemporary Nomads

Director: Kata Olah

Producer: Patricia D’Intino

Makabor Studio



Cucina Povera – The Making of the Mediterranean Diet

Director: Andreas Apostolides

Producers: Yuri Averof, Rea Apostolides, Kyveli Short

Anemon Productions



Digital Dreamers

Director: Kenji Yamamoto

Producers: Kenji Yamamoto, Nancy Kelly

Kelly+Yamamoto Productions

United States


Dioni, Word as thief

Director: Susana Guardiola

Producer: Marta Figueras

Promarfi Futuro 2010



El Rihla

Director: Dorothée Myriam Kellou

Producers: Mariem Hamidat, Eugénie Michelle Vilette

Les Films du Bilboquet, HKE production

France, Algeria


El Toro

Director: Sebastiano Luca Insinga

Producer: Luigi Pepe

Jump Cut


Farewell to Music

Director and producer: Cathal Ó Cuaig

Rúnda Productions



Forbidden Pilgrimage

Director: Ellen Vermeulen

Producer: Peter Krüger

Inti Films, Volya Films

Belgium, The Netherlands, France


From Knee to heart

Director & Producer: Susanna Barranco Iglesias

La Barranco Films



I am not your slave

Directors: Edu Marín, Fátima Subeh Marzo

Producer: Hernán Zin

Contramedia Films, AlemDoc



I too am Salvador Dalí

Director: David Fernández

Producer: Lourdes Vives

Mallorca Video



I’m Also Here

Director: Kivilcim Akay

Producer: Aslihan Altug

Akaylar Produksiyon



Listen to my song

Director: Danny Mitchell

Producer: Rebecca Wolfe

Grasp the Nettle Films

United Kingdom



Directors: Eva Murgui Sánchez, Marina Rodríeguez Colás

Producer: Oriol Cortacans




Mu and the Vanishing World

Directors: Paco Beltrán, Jessica Leung

Producer: Jessica Leung

DosVelas Pictures

United States


Nazi Business

Director: Yuval  Erez

Producers: Tal Barda, Noam Pinchas

The Wonderful Kingdom Films



No Hero at All

Director: Michał Kawecki

Producer: Zuzanna Król

Wajda Studio



Operation Globe

Director: Ariadna Seuba Serra

Producer: Guillermo F. Florez

Rolling Basis Films

Spain, The Netherlands



Director: Susana Guardiola

Producer: Luis Collar

Nephilim producciones




Director: Carles Bosch

Producers: Tono Folguera, Sergi Moreno Castillo, Carles Bosch

Lastor Media



Remote Control

Director: Pedro Barbadillo

Producer: Belén Sánchez

Polar Star Films



Searching for Patria o Muerte

Directors: Raydel Ricardo Araoz Valdés, Carmen Lorenzetti

Producer: Matteo Pecorara

Small Boss



Special Envoy

Director: Nalini Elvino de Sousa

Producer: Jacinta Barros

Real Ficção



The Cost of Fighting

Directors and producers: Pep Martín, Xavi Campreciós

Nihao Films



The Forbidden Aunt

Director: Bojana Novakovic

Producers: Milan Stojanovic, Marija Stojanovic

SENSE Production



The Illusions

Director: Julie Nguyen Van Qui

Producer: Marie Odile Gazin

The Kingdom



The Long Shot: The Untold legend of the 1993 Bosnian Basketball Team

Directors: Oliver Valente, Álvaro González-Aller

Producer: Ursula Romero

ISB TV, Filmcake

Spain, Germany


The Smuggler

Director: Ivars Zviedris

Producer: Marta Bite




The Twelve

Director: Lucy Martens

Producers: Leslie Knott, Lena Zimmerhackel, Benjamin Seikel

Tiger Nest Films, C-Films

United Kingdom, Germany


Those still here

Director: Joan Lopez Lloret

Producer: Eugenia Montiel, Cristina Gironès

Mora Films, La Media Luna, Borondon Films

Mexico, Spain


Whose is Our Music?

Director: Taylan Mutaf

Producer: Chiara Liberti

Eiki Films

United Kingdom


With Love

Director: Magnus Gertten

Producer: Ove Rishøj Jensen

Auto Images



Women in Kiosk

Director: Daniel Stopa

Producer: Malgorzata Staron

Staron Film



Work in Progress

Director and producer: Anton Corbal

Magnetic North Collective


  • Jordi Ambrós, Muntsa Tarrés, and Joan Salvat, TVC (Spain)
  • Silvia Angrisani, Aquatic Films (UK)
  • Kazz Basma and Juan Solera, SIDEWAYSFILM (UK)
  • Caroline Behar, France Télévisions (France 5) (France)
  • Lorenzo Benítez, 3BoxMedia (Spain)
  • Kathryn Bonnici, Java Films (France)
  • Manuela Buono, Sling Shot Films (Italy)
  • Kathrine Clay, NRK Media & Broadcasting (Norway)
  • Emma Dessau, POV (PBS) (USA)
  • Hans-Robert Eisenhauer, Ventana Film (Germany)
  • Jose Pablo Estrada, Taskovski Films (UK)
  • Jess Gormley, The Guardian (UK)
  • Maëlle Guenegues, CAT&Docs (France)
  • Chris Hastings, PBS – World Channel (WGBH) (USA)
  • Mette Hoffmann Meyer, THE WHY FOUNDATION (Denmark)
  • Diana Karklin, Rise and Shine (Germany)
  • Hanka Kastelicová, HBO Europe (Czech Republic)
  • Andrés Luque, RTVE (Spain)
  • Erkko Lyytinen, YLE (Finland)
  • Océane Mailharrin, Wide House (France)
  • Pamela Martínez, Limonero Films (UK)
  • Cristina Merino, Movistar + (Spain)
  • Esther van Messel, First Hand Films (Switzerland)
  • Dagmar Mielke, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb) ARTE (Germany)
  • Jaume Ripoll, Filmin (Spain)
  • Claudia Rodríguez, Preciosa Media (Colombia)
  • Lars Säfström, SVT (Sweden)
  • Miguel Salvat, HBO España (Spain)
  • Tatiana Sánchez, RTVC Sistema de Medios Públicos (Colombia)
  • Millán Vázquez, Pablo Briseño and Luis Collar, Feelsales (Spain)
  • Debra Zimmerman, Women Make Movies (USA)

The Magic of a Great Project & Pitch Workshop will take place as training for the Speed Meetings

Speed Meetings participants will have the chance to attend a training workshop to fine tune their projects and pitching skills so to have the best opportunity for a successful meeting with broadcasters and funders, and improve the chances of financing their documentary. The workshop will be led by the two international tutors Mikael Opstrup from EDN, European Documentary Network and Catherin Olsen, International Documentary Consultant.

If your project is selected, the cost to participate at the Speed Meetings is:

FEE (21% VAT included)*
*The fee is per project, the maximum number of people allowed per project is 2.

The fee includes:

*It doesn’t include The Magic of a Great project & Pitch Workshop

East Doc Platform Special Collaboration


DocsBarcelona has reached an agreement with the East Doc Platform (Prague, Czech Republic) consisting in an exchange of prizes between the two

An Eastern European project pitched at East Doc Platform 2017  will be selected for the DocsBarcelona Speed Meetings 2017 and a project selected for the DocsBarcelona Speed Meetings 2017 will be selected to attend the East Doc Platform 2018.

The project selected will have access to:

–    A free accreditation to the East Doc Platform 2018 and all the related industry and networking events.
–    Meetings with 10 decision makers within the Project Market 2018 (the project will be automatically selected for the market and granted the meetings).
–    Free lunches and coffee breaks at the Project Market 2018.
–    To be considered for the East European Forum and Doc Tank presentation selection.

The winner project from the East Doc Platform award has been “Women in Kiosk” from Daniel Stopa and Malgorzata Staron.

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