Project Submission DocsBarcelona 2017


For any question regarding the submission for industry activities, contact:

How to submit a project?

First of all, read carefully the projects submission guidelines. The second step to submit a project for DocsBarcelona (Speed Meetings, Latin Pitch and Interactive Pitch) is to register at the Visitor Page of DocsBarcelona creating your own user and password. Once logged in, you will need to fill in a submission form you will find at DocsBarcelona Visitor Page under “Project submission”.

The submission fee is 12,10€ (VAT included) per project.

To apply you will need the following materials to fill the submission form: 

1. Written document: A PDF document with a presentation of your project, maximum 2 pages long (in one document), in English, needs to contain the following information:

  1. Page 1: Teaser / clip link and password if necessary. Details lenght, language, stage… indicating the documentary theme (sociology, arts, music, culture, human rights, current affairs, environment, etc.). Synopsis and treatment (images can be included).
  2. Page 2: Production company CV, Producer and Director CV, budget and financing plan (it is not necessary for submitted projects to have financing in place). Please, point out the funding opportunities you’re looking for at DocsBarcelona (co-production, distribution, TV rights sales…) and please, specify the territories of interest.

WARNING! Projects longer than 2 pages will not be accepted. The name of the document must be the title of the project in English. 

WARNING! If it is an interactive or a transmedia project, you have to include the interactive treatment and all the different platforms that the project may have. 

2. Clip/Video: In order to enter into the selection process it is mandatory to provide an online screener of the teaser. Warning: The lenght of the clip must be maximum 3 minutes. If the original language is not English it has to have English subtitles. If it is a private video, you will be able to introduce the password in the submission form.


Key dates:

  • The projects have to be submitted on March 1st at 1 p.m. (UTC+1) the latest. Projects received after this date and hour will not be accepted.
  • The selected projects will be published in our website on March 31st and the projects selected will be able to make the payment until April 7th.
  • Speed Meetings will take place the 25th and 26th of May at CCCB.
  • Interactive Pitch will take place the 24th of May at CCCB.
  • Latin Pitch will take place the 25th of May at CCCB.


Description of the activity FEE (21% VAT included)
Speed Meetings 442€
Interactive Pitch 363€
Latin Pitch 425€
*The fee is for project, the maximum number of people allowed for project is 2. 

These fees include:

  • Participation in the activity of the selected project.
  • Access as a viewer at the Interactive Pitch and the Latin Pitch.
  • The training Workshop for the Latin and Interactive Pitch participants.*
  • Access to Opening and Closing ceremonies (RSVP needed).
  • Access to the Festival screenings.
  • Access to Master Classes and industry conferences.
  • Industry Guide including all contacts from the festival participants.
* It doesn’t include the training Workshop for Speed Meetings participants.

For any question regarding the submission, contact: