Master Class National Film Board

Small, medium, large, extra large, One flew over interactive studios works and the creative tradition at the National Film Board of Canada

The National Film Board, one of the main producers of interactive documentaries and webdocs, invites us to dive into Canada’s interactive production studios devoted to new forms of storytelling.

Continuing in the NFB’s grand tradition of innovation, venturing into unexplored areas of creation, pushing back the boundaries of digital production and helping invent the grammar of 21th century media and art.  This conference will expose the making of some of NFB’s best interactives. Mobile documentaries, installations, interactive stories, VR and generative art. These auteur works from the NFB have garnered dozens of awards and distinctions in Canada and elsewhere in the world.

This master class will be led by Louis-Richard Tremblay, producer of the Film Fund National Film Board of Canada, working between documentary and technology, and moderated by Arnau Gifreu, coordinator of the InterDocsBarcelona. Louis-Richard Tremblay is driven by the power of interactive experiences and fascinated by all forms of media exploration. He collaborates with creators who manipulate technology to serve the subject at hand, resulting in works that appeal to both the imagination and intelligence of participants. After studying political science, Louis-Richard was drawn to architecture and radio before delving into the interactive world at Radio-Canada and the NFB. His productions have won numerous local and international awards (Online Journalism Award, Webby, FWAs, and Peabody). His current projects explore interactive live casting, Immersive Interactions and conversational bots.


WHEN & WHERE: Wednesday 24th of May from 9:30a.m. to 11a.m. at Auditori CCCB


Free access with accreditation. Limited seats.


ATTENTION: Tickets available. You can buy your ticket here.


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