Latin Pitch

Latin Pitch: a financing and promotion platform for Latin American documentary projects

The Latin Pitch consists in the presentation of 6 projects from Latin America in front a selection of financers, especially interested in projects from these countries, and DocsBarcelona accredited professionals. After the Latin Pitch, one-on-one meetings are held between projects and financers based on the financers’ requests.

Only projects from the following Latin American countries can submit: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Equator, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Venezuela and Chile.

To apply for the Latin Pitch, the project must have a minimum of a 60% of Latin American production and the director must have Latin-American nationality.


Thursday, May 25th from 4.00 p.m to 6.30 p.m  at CCCB.
The one-on-one meetings will take place on Friday, May 26th from 10.00 a.m to 2.00 p.m.

All the pitch presentations will be in English.

Access with Accreditation only.

These are the projects selected for the Latin Pitch:

Expedite Superstar

Director: Aldo Vidal

Producer: Sebastian Jara

El Delirio



Invisible Birds

Director: David Herrera

Producers: Carolina Caicedo, Camila Peraza, David Herrera

Fahrenheit Films



Queen of the People

Director: Mónica Taboada-Tapia

Producers: Inti Jimena Z. Martínez, Santiago Fernández Suárez

Guerrero Films

Colombia, Argentina



Director: Rodolfo Castillo-Morales

Producer: Karl Lenin González

La Maroma Producciones



The Trees Tell Us

Director: Carlos Sepúlveda González

Producer: Macarena Monrós Núñez

Buena Cosecha Producciones



Tiresias in Oaxaca

Director: Jorge Curioca

Producer: Marta Núñez Puerto

Dedo Gordo


Check out the attending financers:

Panel attending:

  • Jordi Ambrós, TVC (Spain)
  • Caroline Behar, France Télévisions (France 5) (France)
  • Maëlle Guenegues, CAT&Docs (France)
  • Chris Hastings, PBS – World Channel (WGBH) (USA)
  • Erkko Lyytinen, YLE (Finland)
  • Esther van Messel, First Hand Films (Switzerland)
  • Dagmar Mielke, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) ARTE (Germany)
  • Lars Säfström, SVT (Sweden)

Row 0 Latin Pitch:

  • Silvia Angrisani, Aquatic Films (UK)
  • Kazz Basma and Juan Solera, SIDEWAYSFILM (UK)
  • Lorenzo Benítez, 3BoxMedia (Spain)
  • Kathryn Bonnici, Java Films (France)
  • Pablo Briseño and Luis Collar, Feelsales (Spain)
  • Manuela Buono, Sling Shot Films (Italy)
  • Inti Cordera, DocsMX (Mexico)
  • Emma Dessau, POV (PBS) (USA)
  • Hans-Robert Eisenhauer, Ventana Film (Germany)
  • Jose Pablo Estrada, Taskovski Films (UK)
  • Jess Gormley, The Guardian (UK)
  • Mette Hoffmann Meyer, THE WHY FOUNDATION (Denmark)
  • Diana Karklin, Rise and Shine (Germany)
  • Andrés Luque, RTVE (Spain)
  • Océane Mailharrin, Wide House (France)
  • Pamela Martínez, Limonero Films (UK)
  • Cristina Merino, Movistar + (Spain)
  • Claudia Rodríguez, Preciosa Media (Colombia)
  • Tatiana Sánchez, RTVC Sistema de Medios Públicos (Colombia)
  • Bettina Walter, Campus Latino (Germany)
  • Debra Zimmerman, Women Make Movies (USA)

The project Invisible Birds from David Herrera has been selected in collaboration with the documentary festival in Latin America: DocsBarcelona Medellín (Colombia).

The Magic of a Great Project & Pitch Workshop will take place as training for the Latin Pitch

Latin Pitch participants will attend a training workshop to fine tune their projects and pitching skills so to have the best opportunity for a successful meeting with broadcasters and funders, and improve the chances of financing their documentary. The workshop will be led by the two international tutors Mikael Opstrup from EDN, European Documentary Network and Catherin Olsen, International Documentary Consultant.

If your project is selected, the cost to participate at Latin Pitch is:

FEE (21% VAT included*)
*The fee is per project, the maximum number of people allowed per project is 2.

The fee includes:

DocsMX Award

DocsMX will select a project from the Latin Pitch to participate in its upcoming edition from October 12th to 21st 2017. The award includes the invitation to participate at the DocsLab | DocsMX 2017, including 2 accreditations for the team and accommodation for 5 nights. DocsMx_Logo_20161

The winner project from the DocsMX award has been “The Trees Tell Us” from Carlos Sepúlveda and Macarena Monrós.

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