Ukrainian Sheriffs


In a small town in the south of Ukraine, an endearing pair of sheriffs fight local crime: a theft of two ducks, an anaconda where it shouldn’t be, a car stuck in a rift, and a lot of drunken arguments. A battered car with a Ukraine flag blowing outside the window carries two sheriffs from trouble to trouble, painting a colourful portrait of outrageous characters.

As time goes by, TV news about the conflict with Russia start appearing, and men are called to join the army. A funny black comedy about a small community with the ghost of the war with Russia in the background.


Roman Bondarchuk studied in the Kyiv State University of Theatre, Cinema and TV. He has created short films, documentaries and music videos. He has also writen fiction books and has participated in photography and contemporary art exhibitions. Among his well-known films are The Taxi-Driver, Radunytsia, Cafe Voyage and Euromaidan. Ukrainian Sheriffs is his first feature-length documentary.

Ukrainian Sheriffs | Edition 2017, Festival, Official Section - Panorama

Ukrainian Sheriffs

Roman Bondarchuk

Ukraine (2015)



Language: Ukrainian