Spaceship Earth


A line by Marshal McLuhan gives us the clue to the title and reading of the film: “On Spaceship Earth, there are no passengers, only crew members.” During the last 50 years, the science world has put a lot of effort into studying the impact of human activity on the natural resources. The planet’s heating, the perforation of the subsoil, and nuclear disasters are set against the green efficiency of new energy technologies.

Between science and poetry, this is a fascinating journey through history about the impact of humans on Planet Earth and the workable solutions to find a balance in the use of natural resources.


Kevin McMahon has directed nine feature documentaries and created dozens of hours of non-fiction television. His work focuses on environmental themes. Most recently, McMahon completed Spaceship Earth, which was a Special Presentation in Hot Docs 2016. His previous project was the 10-hour The Polar Sea, Canada’s first long-form documentary television series.

Spaceship Earth | Edition 2017, Festival, Official Section - Panorama

Spaceship Earth

Kevin McMahon

Canada (2016)



Idioma: English, German, Japonese