Siberian Love


After 20 years living in Berlin, filmmaker Olga Delane returns to her small native village in Siberia. Going back to her roots means facing a conservative lifestyle where relationship roles are marked by strong traditional values. The man is the head of the house and the woman looks after the children and does all the housework. “How come is there no feminists here?”, Olga asks her auntie, and she replies “Feminists? What’s that?”.

An emotional adventure in search of the essence of her love for rural Siberia. While Olga gets deeper into her journey, an inevitable question arises: what does a woman need to have a full, happy life?


Olga Delane, born in 1977 in Krasnokamensk (Russia), is a photographer, editor and director. During the last five years she has taken several trips through Siberia for her photo, video and movie projects. Her first documentary feature-length film, Endstation Krasnokamensk – Ein Heimatbesuch, ran successfully in many German art-house cinemas.

Siberian Love

Olga Delane

Germany (2016)



Language: Russian