Namrud (Troublemaker)

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Jowan Safadi is a famous and controversial Palestinian-Israeli musician. His lyrics and songs are heavily critical of the situation in the territory. Investigated for “incitement to terrorism” and arrested on occasion, he must take care of his teenage son and is forced to face parental responsibilities while continuing to fight for his ideals.

With his band Fish Samak, Jowan Safadi creates songs that speak about politics and society, and have earned him a large community of fans in the Arab world. It’s the story of a free spirit who finds himself in the midst of a political conflict while facing the challenges of his new situation as a single dad. Determined, he will not stop fighting (through his art) for a place where he can live in peace, where he, his son and his people can feel safe and have possibilities to prosper.


Fernando Romero-Forsthuber was born in Seville. At 17 he moved to Vienna and soon started to work in the film industry. Two years later, he made his first trip to Israel, working with Palestinian musicians as a director/producer for their music videos. In Austria he established a good reputation in the field of music videos and commercials. In recent years, Fernando has also worked on reports for the TV stations ORF (especially in Syria) and ATV. Namrud is his first feature-length documentary.


  • DOK Leipzig, Germany, 2017
Namrud (Troublemaker) | Edition 2018, Official Section - Panorama

Namrud (Troublemaker)

Fernando Romero Forsthuber

Austria (2017)


VOSCaste, VOSEng

Language: Arabic, English, Hebrew


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