Madame Saïdi


In 2007, French filmmakers Paul Costes and Bijan Anquetil met by chance a peculiar 70-year-old woman in the streets of Teheran.  Seven years later they returned to Iran to make a film about her. At her age, and to everyone’s surprise, Ms Saïdi has become a film star.

Funny, eccentric, and straight as an arrow.  Portrait of an unusual woman who’s full of contradictions, and who has won the hearts of her neighbours in the popular district of Ali Abad, in the south of the capital. Ms Saïdi is always ready to turn life into a game which is about doing the opposite of what everyone expects you to do.


Bijan Anquetil was born in Paris to a French father and an Iranian mother. After studying Philosophy and Visual Anthropology, he produced a series of documentary films in Iran. Some of his works include ‘Le terrain’, ‘Les murs ont des visages’, ‘Iran, en attendant demain’ and ‘La nuit remue’.

Paul Costes is a French director who has directed and edited several films, including “La Chambre Bleue” and “Cendres”. He has also worked as director of photography, both in documentaries and in fiction films. “Madame Saïdi” is his latest work.

Madame Saïdi

Bijan Anquetil, Paul Costes

France (2016)



Language: Farsi