Los Niños (The Grown Ups)


Anita, Rita, Ricardo, and Andrés attend the same school for Down syndrome kids… for the last 40 years. They’ve been in the school longer than most teachers, and every year they pass all the subjects. They are fed up of being treated like little children when they are in fact close to turning fifty. They want to be able to drive, enjoy sex, have a real job, marry, become parents.  They are convinced they can assume the responsibilities of adult life, but society doesn’t make it easy for them.

Chilean film director Maite Alberdi shows her talent for framing an uncomfortable reality without prejudices. A moving love story, and a tender and humorous portrait.


Maite Alberdi is a director, producer and cinema critic from Chile. Through Micromundo, her production company, she directed her film “Tea Time”, which was also nomitaed for the Goya Awards as Best lberoamerican Film and received many other awards. She has also directed “El salvavidas” and “I’m Not From Here”, nominated for the European FilmAwards.

Los Niños (The Grown Ups) | Edition 2017, Festival, Official Section - Panorama

Los Niños (The Grown Ups)

Maite Alberdi

Chile, The Netherlands, France (2016)



Language: Spanish