Life to Come


The life of premature twins Eden and Leandro is hanging from a thread. They’re only 28 weeks and they have come out of their mother’s womb. There is bleeding, breathing problems… their delicate health requires constant supervision, to the last detail.

Surrounded by the most advanced medical technology, Laurence sees her perception of time and space adapting to the rhythm of the twins. Her body language reveals an agitated inner state, trapped between hope and joy, extreme tiredness and constant anxiety about any unexpected development which could lead to a fatal complication. The unconditional love connection between mother and child is filtered through a white light which tints the whole film.

While we witness their fierce fight to survive, we are submerged into a universe of unknown sensations with an extraordinary sound treatment.


Claudio Capanna was born in Rome in 1980. He has directed several documentaries and short movies that premiered at international festivals. In 2006, he moved to Paris to attend the Ateliers Varan film course. There, he started to work for Arte France and directed several documentaries about Italy. He currently lives in Brussels and works for Belgian broadcaster RTBF.

Life to Come

Claudio Capanna

Belgium (2016)



Language: French