Life is Sacred


The philosopher, professor and politician Antanas Mockus fights against violence and corruption in his country. With the motto “Life is Sacred” he organizes an imaginative campaign which mobilizes thousands of followers and places him at the head of the polls two weeks before the presidential elections. The political elites react with a campaign based on lies and smear and in the end Mockus loses the elections. However, his ideas leave a seed that will eventually germinate.

Mockus had previously been mayor of Bogotá where he put his unusual ideas into practice.  Walking around the city dressed up as Superman, with an unflagging positive attitude he manages to change bad behaviours and lower crime rates. An inspiring man with a political work that goes beyond the Colombian borders.


Andreas Dalsgaard was born in 1980 in Denmark. He graduated from The Danish Film School in 2009. His work is characterised by a deep interest in cultural and social change. He is the director of Afghan Muscles (2007), Cities on Speed – Bogotá Change (2009), Copenhagen (2009) and The Human Scale (2012).


CPH:DOX (F:ACT Award nominee) – Denmark, 2014

2morrow Moscow Independent Film Festival – Russia, 2015

!F Istanbul Film Festival – Turkey, 2015

ZagrebDox – Croatia, 2015

London – Human Rights Film Festival – UK, 2015

With the collaboration of the Danish Embassy


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Life is Sacred

Andreas Dalsgaard

Denmark (2014)



Language: Spanish

Executive producer: Signe Byrge Sørensen, Anne Köhncke, Danny Glover, Joslyn Barnes, Waël Kabbani, Rory Gilmartin

Photography: Ross McDonnell, Viviana Goméz Echeverry, Andreas Dalsgaard

Editing: Janus Billeskov Jansen, Helge Billing (NFK), Søren Ebbe, Nicolás Servide Staffolani, Estephan Wagner

Sound: Oscar Mendez Adsc

Music: Kristian Eidnes Andersen

Production campany: Final Cut for Real

Distributor: Final Cut for Real