La Calle de los Pianistas


In a small street in Brussels there is an unusual concentration of piano players. To one side, the house of Martha Argerich, and to the other, the house of the Tiempo-Lechners. At just 14, Natasha Binder is the last great promise in a dynasty of genius pianists.  The weight of family tradition is a heavy burden. Natasha looks for answers in the diaries of her mother Karin Lechner -who was also a child prodigy, in family videos, and through her next-door neighbours to resolve an existential question: what does it mean to be a pianist?


Mariano Nante is a director and producer born in Buenos Aires. He studied Direction at the University of Cinema and Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires. He is the director of numerous short films, presented and awarded at international festivals. He teaches Film History and Film Aesthetics in various institutions. La calle de los pianistas is his first feature-lenght film.

La Calle de los Pianistas | Edition 2017, Festival, Official Section - Latitude

La Calle de los Pianistas

Mariano Nante

Argentina, Belgium (2015)



Language: Spanish, English, French