Always dressed in black, serious, and with a whiskey in his hand: this is how Eugenio remains in the mind of several generations. Who doesn’t know a joke from the Eugenio? But behind the man who always made others laugh, there’s another Eugenio, one outside the stage, without a stool or a microphone.

His wife’s sudden death made Eugenio fall into a well of darkness while his fame soared. Two decades after his death, children, partners, and friends paint a picture of the least known Eugenio. What’s behind the character that marked a before and after in the art of stand-up comedy in Spain?


The two of them, along with Oscar Moreno, wrote, directed, and produced the documentary film Joana Biarnés, una entre tots (2016) which received 9 awards at various international festivals, including a Biznaga de Plata at the Málaga 2016 Festival.

Xavier Baig is a director and director of photography. In 2007, he founded with Óscar Moreno, the production company Rec Videoproduccions SCP, from which they produce and direct their own documentaries and commissions for channels such as TVE, TV3, Antena 3 and Discovery Channel.



Jordi Rovira is a director and a scriptwriter. A freelance journalist since 1998, he holds a BA in Information Sciences (UAB), Political Science and Sociology (UAB), and Geography and History (UNED). He has produced socially-driven features in over 30 countries such as Kosovo, Iraq, Sierra Leone and Northern Ireland, which have been published in El Periódico, El País, El Mundo, Interviú, Avui, and La Vanguardia. Since 2005, he combines this work with his job as director of Capçalera, the magazine of the Association of Journalists in Catalonia.


Jordi Rovira, Xavier Baig

Spain (2018)



Language: Spanish, Catalan


Q&A with the directors at the two sessions.



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