What makes someone a good mother? Clare Weiskopf, the film’s director, was 11 when her mother run away to the Colombian jungle, leaving her and her younger brother behind. Thirty years later, Clare gets pregnant and decides to meet her mother to look for answers and heal wounds. She needs to find her own concept of what motherhood means.

A fascinating journey between mother and daughter through the Colombian Amazon, filled with conversations that fire sparks and leave us facing a moral dilemma around freedom and responsibility.


Clare Weiskopf is a filmmaker and journalist focused on social issues, ranging from the armed conflict in Colombia and sexual violence as a weapon of war to the spread of cumbia music in Latin America and Europe. She has won the Simon Bolivar Colombian National Journalism Award twice and has also been selected for the IDFAcademy and Dok.Incubator. She recently directed two documentary series, 2012: Chronicles of the End of the World and Los Colores del Futbol. Amazona is her first feature-length documentary.


Clare Weiskopf

Colombia (2016)



Language: Spanish, English