Al otro lado del muro


Ale and Rocío are two teenagers from Honduras who have emigrated illegally to Mexico and whose mother is unjustly sentenced to jail. The challenge of looking after their two young siblings is a maturity test. From the start, they take on the responsibility of becoming a father and a mother and with a good sense of humour they try to help each other to keep the family together. As irregular migrants their right to live, work and study in Mexico is in jeopardy. Despite their efforts, the wall that separates them from their mother creates a deep emotional conflict. Just when the relationship between the siblings is getting harder, new hope appears.


Pau Ortiz is a documentary director and editor. He was born in Barcelona and, after specializing in documentary direction at the Film School of Catalonia (ESCAC), he obtained a scholarship at the Quebec Film School. His TV series Tu mateix was selected at INPUT 2011 and his 13 maneras de quedarse solo film was honored at the Houston International WorldFest Festival. His style has always been characterized by his fascination on human relations, in which he has also deepened through his studies in Psychology.

Al otro lado del muro | Edition 2017, Festival, Official Section - Latitude

Al otro lado del muro

Pau Ortiz

Spain, Mexico (2017)



Language: Spanish