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A competitive section that shows a selection of the most radical and innovative films of the current documentary scene.

Ojo Guareña (2018)

Edurne Rubio Belgium, Spain 56min. VOSEng
Many years ago, a group of speleologists, among them the director’s parents, discovered the cave Ojo Guareña. Today, between cave paintings and Civil War secrets, we accompany them to absolute darkness on a journey to the past and the present, where time seems to have stopped.

Lapü (2019)

César Jaimes, Juan Pablo Polanco Colombia 75min. VOSCast, VOSEng
Doris, a young indigenous Wayú woman, dreams she’s reunited with her dead cousin. Following her ancestral culture, this vision marks the beginning of an ancient ritual: she must go to the middle of the Colombian desert of Guajira and exhume her remains. A spiritual journey that blurs Western concepts of loss, time, and eternity.

Pirotecnia (2019)

Federico Atehortúa Arteaga Colombia 83min. VOSEng
In 1906, four men were executed for attempting to assassinate the president of Colombia. Years later, the filmmaker Federico Atehortúa discovers the strange and improbable relationship that exists between the failed assassination, his mother, and the origins of cinema in Colombia: a long history of violence.

Privacy of Wounds (2018)

Dalia Al-Kury Norway 69min. VOSCat, VOSEng
In Oslo, inside a simulated cell, three former political prisoners agree to get locked up again to recall what they experienced in detention centres in Syria. Little by little, the three fictionally-locked cell mates start to find the path to empathy and memory, sharing their vulnerability and the brutal experiences they lived.

Treblinka (2016)

Sérgio Tréfaut Portugal 61min. VOSCat; VOSEng
A film essay which narrates a train journey through the Eastern Europe of the 21st century towards Treblinka, the Nazi extermination camp. Actors and a landscape full of fog and ghosts, become testimonies of those who suffered under the Nazis. Today, the war in Syria, the deaths of thousands of refugees, and the indifference with which wars are dealt with, reveals how past mistakes are more present than ever...

The Congo Tribunal (2017)

Milo Rau Germany, Switzerland 100min. VOSCat, VOSEng
For more than 20 years the inexplicable civil war in Congo has turned the territory into a hell that has claimed more than six million lives. Director Milo Rau manages to gather victims, perpetrators, observers, and analysts in a symbolic tribunal organized especially for the documentary. Filmed by seven cameras in front of 1,000 spectators,The Congo Tribunal is an impossible film, and yet, it exists.

The White World According to Daliborek (2017)

Vít Klusák Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, United Kingdom 105min. VOSCat, VOSEng
Let us introduce you to Daliborek. He is approaching his forties, he’s single and still lives with his mother. He is an industrial painter, a composer of hate songs and a neo-Nazi radical. He hates his job, gypsies, Jews, refugees, homosexuals, Merkel, spiders and dentists. How can a lonely man generate so much hatred and resentment?

The Prince and the Dybbuk (2017)

Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosołowski Poland, Germany 82min. VOSCat, VOSEng
Who was Moshe Waks? An impostor or a man who constantly confused fantasy and reality? The son of a poor Jewish blacksmith, he died as Prince Michael Waszynski, Hollywood producer and exiled Polish aristocrat. A journey through the life of a human chameleon who rejected his original self and became a unique filmmaker, turning his own life into a great piece of fiction. But who was Moshe Waks?