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La Chana (2016)

Lucija Stojevic Spain, Iceland, USA 86min. VOSEng
Self-taught dancer Antonia Santiago Amador, known as La Chana, is 67 and lives a peaceful life in Catalonia. Sensual, vulnerable, but seemingly invincible, she journeys us through the essence of her passion whilst deciding to return to the stage after a 25-year break.

Sonita (2015)

Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami Iran / Germany / Switzerland 90min. VOSCat, VOSEng
Sonita is a young woman from Afghanistan who has entered Iran undocumented. Her energetic spirit helps her fight for her dream of becoming a rap singer, although her mother wants to marry her for money. She’s even put a price on her: 9,000 dollars.