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Tirabirak (Interactive Session) (2016)

Bea Narbaiza, Libe Mimenza, Edorta Arana Spain Interactive navigation
An original look at the Basque conflict through newspaper cartoons from 1977 to 2016. An interactive webdoc that allows the user to make his own reinterpretation of the recent history of the Basque Country. A production of EMAN, Fundació Donostia/San Sebastián 2016 and EITB.

La Chana (2016)

Lucija Stojevic Spain, Iceland, USA 86min. VOSEng
Self-taught dancer Antonia Santiago Amador, known as La Chana, is 67 and lives a peaceful life in Catalonia. Sensual, vulnerable, but seemingly invincible, she journeys us through the essence of her passion whilst deciding to return to the stage after a 25-year break.

Rebels on Pointe (2016)

Bobbi Jo Hart Canada 90min. VOSCat
The story of ‘Les Ballets Trockadero de Montecarlo’, the famous New York dance company that has become a symbol of transvestism, making parodies of great ballet classics. A funny cocktail of high culture and camp aesthetics, which turns the act of putting on a tutu into an act of rebellion.

Let There Be Light (2017)

Mila Aung-Thwin, Van Royko Canada 80min. VOSEsp
Is it possible to create an artificial sun? In the south of France, 35 different countries join efforts to develop the most important nuclear fusion reactor in history. The goal of the ITER project is to imitate the stars’ nuclear reaction to obtain a source of unlimited clean energy.

Les 7 Vides d’Eduard Toda (2016)

Manel Vinuesa,Toni Orensanz, Ramon Masip Spain 60min. VO
The incredible life of Eduard Toda, a distinguished man from Reus in the Catalonia of the turn of the century; a very forgotten figure despite having been the country’s first Egyptologist, the one who discovered the Catalan roots of the Algherese language, and the man who rebuilt the monastery in Poblet.

La Llave Dalí (2016)

David Fernández Spain 79min. VOSEsp
The fascinating fight of Tomeu l'Amo, scientist and artist from Mallorca to prove that a painting he bought in an antiques shop in Girona in 1989 is a Dali. During his research, Tomeu discovers the secret code Dalí said he had used in many of his works.

All Governments Lie (2016)

Alfred Peabody Canada 90min. VOSCat
A portrait of the new generation of investigative journalists in the USA, following the legacy of journalist I.F. Stone. Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, Amy Goodman and Michael Moore, amongst others, offer their brave testimony in a documentary produced by Oliver Stone.

Woman and the Glacier (2016)

Audrius Stonys Lithuania, Estonia 56min. VOSCat, VOSEng
Kazakhstan. The Tian Shan mountains. The Tuiuksu glacier. And a Lithuanian scientist who’s been living at 3,500 metres of altitude for 30 years with no contact with the civilized world. A whole life dedicated to capturing our planet’s evolution. A poetic story about a solitary woman and an eternal glacier.