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Hombreperro (2018)

Paula Garcia Rossell Spain 5min. VO
Josep Ivan Argelaga Gras is also “hombreperro” (dogman), a public figure who freely shows consensual submission in the form of an alter ego: a dog. Nights and venues in the Barcelona quarter of Raval welcome his performances as a dog, while also living his conventional life.

Home (Hogar) (2017)

Víctor Granados Luque Spain 6min. VO
Lander receives an eviction order from the Court of First Instance. He will have to leave the apartment he squatted two years ago and which has gradually become his true home. A first-person reflection on the alternative option of squatting in terms of accessing housing and what it entails.

Thanatos (2018)

Axel D. Sánchez Spain 13min. VOSEng
Gina, a woman from Combarro, a village in Galicia, shares with us her look at the past. A retrospective reflection on her long life, on death, the loss of loved ones, and the feelings that emerge in old age.

Nobody is perfect (2017)

Beatriz Pérez Spain 15min. VOSEng
The sincere account of Alex’s thoughts, experiences, fears and insecurities at the time of making a life-changing decision shows that breaking taboos and knocking down barriers and prejudices begins with courage and self-acceptance. Personal liberation is the best weapon to break down gender masks.

The Cleaners (2018)

Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck Germany, Brazil 88min. OSVCat; OSVEng
We enter the darkest corner of the Internet; digital cleaning For the first time, we discover the world of the so-called -content moderators-, those who work for large companies such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google reviewing every potentially offensive image or video that we upload on the web. Who controls what we publish, watch, and think?

Yo no me llamo Rubén Blades (2018)

Abner Benaim Panamá, Argentina, Colombia 85min. OSVCat; OSVEng
Doctor in Law from Harvard, Minister of Tourism, candidate for the presidential elections in his country, Panama, and an icon of Latin American music: Rubén Blades is a living legend who revolutionized Salsa through social content. Far from retiring, he reveals his ambitions, while reflecting on his own legacy.

Last Days in Shibati (2017)

Hendrick Dusollier France 58min. OSVCat; OSVEng
The child Zhou Hong and Mr. Xue Lian have to leave the last historical district left in the big city of Chongqing, which will be destroyed to build a new neighbourhood. Forced to abandon what has been their home until then, the narrow streets of the Shibati district are testimonies of the most traditional and historical China, which is about to disappear.

DocsBarcelona A Prop 2018

DocsBarcelona A Prop This year, DocsBarcelona grows even more its number of venues outside Barcelona. Thanks to the support of the Diputació de Barcelona, we will bring a selection of three titles from the DocsBarcelona […]

Treblinka (2016)

Sérgio Tréfaut Portugal 61min. VOSCat; VOSEng
A film essay which narrates a train journey through the Eastern Europe of the 21st century towards Treblinka, the Nazi extermination camp. Actors and a landscape full of fog and ghosts, become testimonies of those who suffered under the Nazis. Today, the war in Syria, the deaths of thousands of refugees, and the indifference with which wars are dealt with, reveals how past mistakes are more present than ever...