» Edition 2017

Woman and the Glacier (2016)

Audrius Stonys Lithuania, Estonia 56min. VOSCat, VOSEng
Kazakhstan. The Tian Shan mountains. The Tuiuksu glacier. And a Lithuanian scientist who’s been living at 3,500 metres of altitude for 30 years with no contact with the civilized world. A whole life dedicated to capturing our planet’s evolution. A poetic story about a solitary woman and an eternal glacier.

Untitled (2017)

Michael Glawogger & Monika Willi Austria 107min. VOSCat, VOSEng
Michael Glawogger died suddenly while working on a new project without a specific subject matter or goal. The idea was to let curiosity and the pleasure of observation lead the way. His lifelong editor Monika Willi, treats us with a magnetic testament film with poignant images.

En el Taller (2016)

Ana Salas Colombia 87min. VOSEng
A huge white circle under transformation. Filmmaker Ana Maria Salas portrays her father, Colombian painter Carlos Salas, while he works in his studio in Bogota. We discover the invisible doubts behind any art creation, and the influence of everyday banalities in the artist’s work.

Depth Two (2016)

Ognjen Glavonić Serbia, France 80min. VOSEsp
In 2001, a huge communal grave was discovered in a suburb in Belgrade. The courageous investigation of Serbian filmmaker Ongjen Glavonić sheds some light on a silenced massacre. An experimental thriller about the atrocities of war, narrated by victims and executors.

Un Padre (2016)

Víctor Forniés Spain, France 62min. VOSEng
Grandfather, father, and son. And many unanswered questions. The director paints an intimate portrait of his father, seeking to understand the silence that has defined their relationship. A personal search that ends up becoming homage to Franco’s victims.

Brothers (2015)

Wojciech Staron Poland 68min. VOSCat, VOSEng
A tender story about two brothers in their eighties, a dreamer artist and a pragmatic scientist who share the last stages of their lives in their native Poland. Together they survived Stalin’s gulags. Two contrasting personalities, full of jokes and energy, who argue, fight and love each other.

Sasha (2016)

Fèlix Colomer Spain 54min. VOSCat
Sasha is an 8-year-old boy who lives in Ukraine with his mother and five more siblings. They survive in squalor, in an environment made even harder due to the armed conflict with Russia. We follow their arrival in Catalonia to live with a local family.

Angélica [una tragedia] (2016)

Manuel Fernández-Valdés Spain 83min. VOSEng
Angélica Liddell is preparing a new piece and Manuel Fernández-Valdés experiences the evolution of the rehearsals with unprecedented access. Liddel has achieved international success with her autobiographical theatre showing her most intimate pain. A visceral portrait about the hectic relationship between life and creative process.

Los Ofendidos (2017)

Marcela Zamora Chamorro El Salvador, Mexico 82min. VOSEng
During the civil war in El Salvador, thousands of people were tortured by the Policia Nacional. Amongst them, Rubén Zamora, leader of the Revolutionary Democratic Front and the filmmaker’s father. Marcela Zamora questions torture victims and executors to end impunity.