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Next Stop: North and Central America

The journey interDocsBarcelona coordinator Arnau Gifreu created last year regarding the interDocsBarcelona Meeting Points started with an intense walkthrough around the multicultural Europe. Now, this journey continues as another travel is presented, a travel that immerses us into the cultural depths of the American continent, an experience brought by interactive documentaries and Webdocs.

Through the recondite lands of Canada (This Land), acknowledging the most diverse realities of the United States (Prison Valley), remembering the disappearances in Mexico (Frío en el alma) and the Cold War between two models (Clouds over Cuba), we will be headed finally to Central America as we learn the story of a criminal gang survivor in Guatemala (Alma. Hija de la violencia). These are some of the stories the webdocs and interactive documentaries will help us discover from the immense American continent, Thursday the 21th of January, at the Altaïr Library.


When –  THURSDAT 21TH OF JANUARY, 19.00h

Where – Altaïr Library, Gran Vía 616, Barcelona (Spain)



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