DocsBarcelona announces the festival program

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DocsBarcelona announces the festival program

The screenings will begin on May 27th with Falciani’s Tax Bomb by Ben Lewis. A coproduction between Germany and Spain that tells the story of the uncovering of secret bank accounts and tax evasion as a result of Hervé Falciani’s client data theft from HSBC in 2009. In the shadow of the economic crisis, this leak changed the rules of the game. The next day, we will be able to ask to the film crew all the secrets about the film in a Master Class in Pedrera’s Auditorium.

In the same direction, The Forecaster introduces Martin Armstrong, a financing consultant that designed a mathematic model to forecast the big economic downturns. Greece: Days of Change portraits the Greek economic crisis with three characters who decide to take control of their own destiny and change it.

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Powerful characters

Dancing with Maria (Ivan Gergolet, 2014) will close the festival.  The film portraits the 93 years old Argentinian dancer, María Fux. When you meet María you start to dance with life, there are no disabilities, only limits to overcome.

Other films with strong leading characters are Game Over, Concrete Love – The Böhm FamilyThe Mulberry House, Ne Me Quitte Pas and Tea Time.

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An overview of the international documentary scene

Two years after winning DocsBarcelona Award for the Best Film with The Act of Killing, Joshua Oppenheimer comebacks with a powerful companion piece, The Look of Silence. While The Act of Killing portrayed the perpetrators of the Indonesian massacre in 1965, The Look of Silence bears witness of the genocide’s victims. The producer, Signe Byrge Sørensen (Oscar nominated with The Act of Killing), will explain in 7 shots the most remarkable moments of her carrer in the classic Master Class 7 SHOTS 7.

Democrats, awarded with the Best Documentary in Tribeca Film Festival, tells the story of two political rivals who are asked to draw up the Zimbabwean constitution, a unique opportunity to end President Mugabe’s regime.

The Danish production Life is Sacred presents the unusual and innovative ideas of the Colombian politician Antanas Mockus who, under the motto “Life is Sacred”, mobilizes a tide of followers to confront the political elite.

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Check out all the program HERE.

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