Joshua Oppenheimer returns to DocsBarcelona with The Look of Silence

Joshua Oppenheimer returns to DocsBarcelona with The Look of Silence

The Oscar nominated filmmaker explores the reality of the Indonesian dictatorship survivors.

Two years after winning DocsBarcelona Award for the Best Film with The Act of Killing, Joshua Oppenheimer comebacks with a powerful companion piece, The Look of Silence. While The Act of Killing portrayed the perpetrators of the Indonesian massacre in 1965, The Look of Silence bears witness of the genocide’s victims.

Through Oppenheimer’s images of those responsible for the Indonesian genocide, a family of survivors discovers the details of their son’s murder as well as the identity of the perpetrators. The victim’s youngest brother has a mission, which is to break the silence and fear oppressing the survivors of the massacre. He decides to confront those who murdered his brother and demand they accept responsibility for the terrible actions they committed. An unimaginable act in a country in which murderers are still in power after fifty years of silence.

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13/04/2015 Edition 2015, Festival, Official Section