First Films DocsBarcelona 2015

First Films DocsBarcelona 2015

The eighteenth edition of DocsBarcelona will show the best films of the current documentary scene. This is a small selection of films that will be screened in the Aribau Club and the CCCB from the 25th to the 31st of May.

ALENTEJO, ALENTEJO by Sérgio Tréfaut. Portugal, 2014

In Alentejo, Southern Portugal, amateur choir groups get together to sing traditional tunes and improvise lyrics about current issues. It’s called cante.  A unique form of expression that conveys Portugal’s past through the passionate voices of a changed present.


CONCRETE LOVE – THE BÖHM FAMILY by Maurizius Staerkle Drux. Germany, 2014

An intimate portrait of the most renowned German architect of his generation, Gottfried Böhm, and his family. At 95, Gottfried works daily on the design of new buildings. His wife and three children, all architects, admire his tireless passion under the weight of his legacy.


THE FINAL STRETCH by Oscar Pérez. Spain, 2014

The land disappears year after year at the mouth of the river Ebre, swallowed up by the sea. The inhabitants of the last stretch of the river are the reflection of a society devouring itself while facing an economic, social and environmental crisis.

NE ME QUITTE PAS by Sabine Lubbe Bakker, Niels van Koevorden. Netherlands, 2013

Bob and Marcel share loneliness, a sense of humour, and an addiction to alcohol. Isolated in the middle of the woods near the Belgian border, they come to the conclusion that suicide is the best way out when everything else has gone under.  A true homage to failure told with a tragicomic tone.


DEMOCRATS by Camilla Nielsson. Denmark, 2014

Two political rivals are asked to draw up the Zimbabwean constitution. A unique opportunity to end President Mugabe’s regime. Will they be able to build a constitutional democracy? A seemingly impossible challenge that will involve the whole country.


Stay tuned to our social networks, we will announce new films very soon.

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